19 MAY 1866, Page 20

Index to the Pedigrees contained in the Printed Heralds' Visitations.

By G. W. Marshall, LL.M., Barrister-at-Law. (Hardwicke.)—The Printed Heralds' Visitations are to be distinguished from those in manuscript, which are comprised in the Har'.ei in and other collections at the British Museum. Mr. Sims has published a catalogue of the pedigrees recorded in the latter documents, and now Mr. Marshall completes the facility of reference by preparing an index to the printed matter. He has incorporated in it an index to Berry's County Genealogies, which constitutes a valuable addition to the utility of the work. He gives the name of the family, and its domicile, when possible, and a reference to the volume in which its pedigree is recorded. By the aid of this and Mr. Sims' companion work, the genealogical student will find his labours considerably lessened.