19 MAY 1866, Page 3

Colonel Hobbs, who was so much, and we fear so

justly, cen- -sured for his Jamaica campaign, seems to have been one of those excitable men who are probably hardly responsible for their own most culpable acts. The censure passed upon him had quite un- hinged his mind before he left Jamaica, and he was sent home ie the Tyne under the care of two orderlies. These, however, he managed to elude, sprang into the sea when the vessel was near Hayti, and was drowned. It is a sad end to a sad history. The fault lies more with those who select carelessly for great responsi- bilities men quite unfit to discharge them, than with the latter. Colonel Hobbs needed careful guidance, and he was set to guide ethers with insane cries of panic and vengeance dinned hourly into his ears. No wonder he inflicted grievons injuries on the negroes, and still worse upon himself.