19 MAY 1900, Page 26

New En rrroNs.—In "The Library of English Classics," edited by

A. W. Pollard (Macmillan and Co., 3s. 6d. net per vol.), we have Carlyle's French Revolution, 2 vols. Carlyle's knowledge of facts was not, perhaps, quite as extensive and accurate as we used to think, but the book is not one to lose its place as an English classic on that account.—In the "Temple Classics" (J. M. Dent and Co., is. 6d. net per vol.), The Golden Legend, as Rnglished by William Carton, 2 vols. Mr. F. S. Ellis prefixes a prologue.—A .Handbook for Travellers in Central Italy," Twelfth Edition, rewritten by the Rev. Herbert H. Jeaffreson " (John Murray, 9s.)