19 MAY 1923, Page 1

The British Note in reply to the German offer of

reparations was delivered to the German Ambassador in London last Sunday. Italy has also sent a reply which closely resembles the British Note. Both Great Britain and Italy were careful' to communicate their Notes previously to France. Lord Curzon's Note is an attempt to persuade Germany to make another and a better offer. He is at pains (while saying enough in criticism of the German offer both to prove that it is not nearly good enough and to conciliate France) not to condemn- Germany so far as to dry up such sources of good will as he assumes to exist in that country. Although the Note is distinctly helpful in keeping the door of negotiation open, we wish that Lord Curzon had said many things which he omitted to say.' We have written fully on this subject in our first_leading article and here we will content ourselves with summarizing the contents of the Note, not as it might be but as it is.