19 MAY 1923, Page 10

Non-golfers, if there are any such unfortunates among the readers

of the Spectator, may not realize the extraordinary place occupied by golf in the United States. The devotees of the " Royal and Antient " game are said to number 2,000,000. Undoubtedly golf is one of the great links—no pun is intended—which unite the two parts of the English-speaking race. To illustrate the spiritual affinity which exists between the British and American peoples and to emphasize the fact that it was more intimate than between any other two nations, I recall the words of an American professor who said : " However close we may get to the French or any other people on the European Continent, there is a certain imponderable, which exists between Britain and America, which cannot be put into words : I can best illustrate my meaning by saying that we both arc equally keen about golf, and to all intents and purposes we are the only nations who play golf ! "