19 MAY 1923, Page 12


[To the Editor of the SrEerkron.] Sin,—It is a great pity that your Moscow correspondent should have prejudiced his narrative of the trial of the Roman Catholic prelates in Russia by prefacing it with the remarks he makes on a Jewish woman he saw at the trial. He admits that besides a few Polish men and women " the rest were in many cases smiling throughout the whole trial, particularly when the Procureur's roars for blood became most blood- curdling," and yet what strikes him most is " a Jewish woman who " walked down the hall from one of the front seats, her. face wreathed in smiles, while the Procureur was demanding six lives." Why should the other nine-tenths of the smiling audience be passed by with a few remarks, and only the isolated Jewish woman be given the special favour of a detailed description ? Ina narrative like the one of your correspondent objectivity is essential ; but your correspondent is shown, to have none where his prejudices are involved l—I am, Sir, &c.,