19 MAY 1923, Page 2

An infamous deed was committed at Lausanne on the evening

of Thursday, May 10th, when M. Vorowsky, the uninvited Russian delegate - to the Conference, was assassinated. He was sitting in an hotel dining-rodm with his Secretary and M. Ahrens, the chief Russian agent of propaganda in Berlin, when a Swiss named Conradi opened fire upon them. M. Vorowsky was killed on the spot and his two companions were severely wounded. Conradi then walked out of the room with great composure, stated to the hotel staff what he had done, and handed his pistol to the head waiter. He had in his possession a typewritten document explaining that his father and uncle were first tortured and then killed by the Russian Bolsheviks. He said that he had intended, as an act of revenge, to wipe out the whole Russian delegation at Lausanne. The deed has excited horror and indignation in every civilized country, and M. Ahrens—though something, of course, must be for- given to a man who is wounded and suffering—has made a great mistake in accusing the Swiss Government of being tacit accomplices in the assassination.