19 MAY 1923, Page 2

We can only say that it seems to be a

matter of nomenclature ; for all practical purposes the identity of Russian Bolshevism with the Red International is complete. As regards the, trawlers seized within twelve miles of the Russian coast, the Soviet Government offers to submit the whole question of the three mile or twelve mile limit to a conference. This is one of the few points in the Note to which we do not see any objection. On the subject of the Notes sent to Mr. Hodgson when an appeal had been made by Great Britain for clemency towards the condemned Roman Catholic prelates, the Soviet Government asserts that they were not offensive, and then adds laconically that they can be " considered as non-existent." The answer to the demand for com- pensation for British subjects who have been wantonly imprisoned in Russia or to the relatives of those who have been killed is what might have been expected ; compensation will be given provided that Great Britain will' also compensate Russians who have been imprisoned in the British Empire. Finally, a general conference to settle all dispdtes is proposed.