19 MAY 1923, Page 21

Dedication. By Henrietta Leslie. (Cape. 78. 6d.) It is disappointing

that Mr. Cape seems to be settling down to publish this kind of thing. It is competent commercial fiction, with a sentimental bias tempered in accordance with the requirements of good taste, but with no more literary value than the lining of a hat. Jimmy Younger finds a one book novelist, Sarah Atherway, about to throw herself from the Embankment. Of course she doesn't ; and Jimmy, a young farmer with a sentimental affection for cows and goats and things, soon allows his natural good-heartedness to bubble out over Sarah. In fact, he devotes his life to her : the rest of the book follows their vicissitudes and has a " trick " ending of a conventional and annoying kind. It is a pity, because Mr. Cape has frequently published work of a very different-calibre.