19 MAY 1923, Page 22


International Aspects of Unemployment. By Watson Kirkconnell, M.A. (Allen and Unwin. 6s. 6d. net.) We feel that, on principle, and quite apart from its literary or economic merits, we must welcome any treatise which insists on the necessity for international co-operation as a cure for the evils that are the result of the extreme spirit of nationalism provoked by the War, and exaggerated by the more disastrous peace. The modem world depends for its existence on a basis of international economics. Post-War nationalism is inflamed patriotism : in Mr. Kirkconnell's own words, " it would set up hypertrophies within the broad body of mankind ; and thence comes lingering death." Civilization must achieve international co-operation or perish ; and unemployment, the main subject of this book, is one of the outstanding evils of the moment, for which the author suggests an immediate remedy. Universal mobility of labour is, roughly, his scheme ; and it is interesting to note that the same possibility has lately been the subject of dis- cussion among the employers of the United States. Mr. Kirkconnell diagnoses quite ably, and is excellent in the marshalling and application of historical evidence. Alto- gether the book is to lie commended, although we could wish that Mr. Kirkconnell would sometimes be less profuse and grandiose with his analogies.