19 MAY 1923, Page 3

Industrialism in this country has done much to anni- hilate

all the minor arts and crafts. The art of medal striking, for instance, is practically extinct in England. In Germany there is a certain output of rather vulgar stuff, of which the Lusitania ' medal only has received any notice from the rest of the world, and that not on account of its -intrinsic beauty. It will probably be of great interest to readers, therefore, to learn that the Royal Mint proposes to offer one prize of 100 guineas, two of 50 guineas, and three of 25 guineas for the six best designs for plaquettes to be submitted. The subject of the designs is confined to London. They should be illustrative either of London in her capacity as capital of the Empire or of one of her main archi- tectural features. Any models which are considered sufficiently good will be struck in bronze at the Mint, and placed on sale at the British Empire Exhibition.