19 MAY 1923, Page 9

Lord Robert Cecil contributed the third and final article, giving

his reflections on his recent visit to America in the interests of the League of Nations, to the Times on May 12th, and most illuminating it and its two predecessors were. Lord Robert thus sums up his diagnosis of America's attitude to the League : " I came away from America as convinced as I was before I went that sooner or later the United States would join the League in some form or other "—all opinion which readers of these notes will recognize as having been expressed here. Lord Robert believes that confidence in the League would be greatly increased if the French Government were prepared to submit its difficulties with Germany to the League and if Great Britain would do likewise in its dispute with Turkey over Mosul. When one recalls the many pitfalls which beset Lord Robert's path during his American pilgrimage, one cannot withhold unstinted admiration for his con- summate tact. Few Englishmen have ever undertaken so difficult a mission in America, and few have met with such personal success, quite apart from the acceptance or rejection of the policy advocated.