19 MAY 1923, Page 9

Mr. Fielding's offer of Reciprocity to the United States is

not likely to be popular with Canadian manufacturing interests, although at the same time there is undoubtedly a strong sentiment throughout the Dominion in favour of Reciprocity in natural products. Washington com- ment on the Canadian Reciprocity proposals appears to be none too favourable in so far as it is articulate, but most members of Congress are now in their homes throughout the country. The agricultural bloc, and in particular the grain-growing States of the West, are against it. There is a certain irony in the thought that when the United States offered Reciprocity to Canada she turned it down, Sir Robert Borden obtaining office on this issue in 1911 ; now, when the Canadian Govern- ment is ready to give Reciprocity, Washington will have none of it.