19 MAY 1950, Page 18

What the Scots Want

SIR,—What they want is simply a government which is capable of recog- nising that enactments just and workable in London or Manchester are not reasonable in the Highlands and Islands_ One has only to travel in the hotels of the Highlands to experience how the Catering Act has poisoned the kindly and contented atmosphere, and turned peaceful homes into places with the atmosphere of snooping factories.

The petrol rationing system as it affects Scotland opelates precisely as if Westminster had singled out the Scottish hotels for destruction. Is it realised that Scotland is the one country forbidden to the English

motoring tourist? By getting his car to the south or east coast he can cross the water and tour to his heart's content all over Europe. By getting to Fishguard or Holyhead he can tour all over Ireland. But if he wants to tour in Scotland his ration is exhausted getting to the Border and back. The blockade of Scotland is complete. Hence our Prime Minister, when he wants a motoring holiday, goes to France, leading the way for 70,000 other motorists who are taking their cars to the Continent this year. If they had chosen Eire they could receive 50 coupons on

landing.—Yours truly, J. RECD CHRISTIE. The Manse, Dunsmore Avenue, Rugby.