19 MAY 1950, Page 5

The fact that two absorptions—of the Hulton Leader by the

Hulton Picture Post and of the Odhams News Review by the Odhams Illustrated—were announced on the same day this week is a signifi- cant demonstration of the difficulties which are attending the publica- tion of such journals—indeed of any weekly journal—under present conditions. (An amalgamation between the National Review and the English Review was announced last month.) The costs of everything —paper, printing, contributors' fees—have all risen, in some cases sharply, and printers are demanding further wage-increases at this moment. Advertisements are less easy to obtain, since many firms, heavily hit by taxation, are spending less on advertising. Circulation is a problem equally, for while regular readers are as numerous as ever, the casual purchaser tends to become more casual, for the reason that, as someone said in the transport fare enquiry this week, " there is less marginal spending today." With all this the papers, or most of them, have not raised their prices to the public. Be a little sorry for them. * * * *