19 MAY 1984, Page 29

Books Wanted

FOUR STUDIES IN LOYALTY by Christopher Sykes. Write Top Flat, 55 Oxford Gardens, Lon- don uvio. SANE AUSTEN by Marghanita Laski. J. D. Norman, 117 Nether St, London N12 8AB. TEN YEARS OF MY LIFE by the Princess Felix Salm-Salm. 2 vols. (Richard Bentley 1876). Peter Ureyer, P.O. Box 12, Santa Rosa, CA 95402, THE DEPOT FOR PRISONERS OF WAR AT NORMAN CROSS HUNTINGDONSHIRE 1796 to 1816 by Thomas James Walker (Constable 1913). N. J. Brent, 5 Bonheur Rd, London W4 1DH. THE PIGEON GIRL by Merce Rodoreda (Deutsch 1967). G. A. Morris, 47 St George's quare, London SW1. DOUGLAS READ: 'Insanity Fair' and isgrace Abounding'. Mrs Moseley, Braganza, at,Mawes Cornwall. OIL AND GREASE PAINT (the early learLE s of Dame Laura Knight, Penguin circa 945-50). Also 'The Revolutionary Movement in yBritairt 1900-21' by Walter Kendall. D. Walsh, 4 Ci7vMelanand.St' Skelton-in-Cleveland, Saltburn, HILAIRE BELLOC: 'A Companion to Mr Well's Outline of History' (1926). Also any G. K. Chesterton currently out-of-print. D. Ward, Yoorkwdon View, Timble Great, Nr Otley, N. ONE RUSSIAN ARMY IN WORLD WAR e„NE by Golovin. H. Woodman, ID The• 1.1",,waY, East Sheen, London SWI4 7NL. BY" KINGSMILL: 'Progress of a Ic'graPher' (Methuen 1949) and 'The Cecil ihk:clio Book' (Eyre & Spottiswode 1932). J. H. Donald, High Loosestrife, 3 Caythorpe Rd, THE Park, Leeds LS16 5HW. RE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY by obert Burton. B. N. Brooke, 112 Balham Park London SW12 8EA. RONALDFLETCHER: 'The Making of 1,11eiology> 2 vols and 'How Diplomats Make s.a

by Francis Neilson. K. Thomas, I McColl It:Ainslie, Australia 2602.

WilliPENGUIN STORY by Sir William Emrys aMs. S. Newton, 92 Balcombe St, London NINvi 6NE. LE PARFUM DE COMBRAY by P. L. Larcher Inact he Education of as Civilised Man' by u_Mes Ralph Darling. B. Jones, The White ilioistise, Easton Royal, Pewsey, Wilts. T/.112k1' OF FREDERICK II EMPEROR OF _ ROMANS by Thomas Lawrence Kington. „,:cMillan 1862, 2 vols). R. Cassady, 1863 4"vvbster Ave, Los Angeles, California 90026. 01(10 AIRCRAFT SINCE 1908 by A. J. son and 'Vickers Aircraft since 1908' by C. lir, Andrews. Also require other titles in the ‘,,!9,1-1 Manufacturers Series from this Publisher. Stride, 8LT 23 Anton Way, Aylesbury, Bucks FREE SERVICE FOR READERS If you Wish to advertise in our pl-eekly Books Wanted Column ease send details (max. 2 books) ,s,o: Books Wanted, The Spectator, ‘41' Doughty St, London WC1N 2LL.