19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 1

The fall of Don MIGUEL has so often been decided

in the. speeches of his exiled countrymen, and the speculations of the journalists of London and Paris, that when we are told its crisis is approaching, we listen but inattentively. Whether the presence of Don PEDRO may give more vigour and union to the efforts of the Patriots than they have hitherto displayed, remains to be seen. That the ex-Emperor meditates an invasion of Portugal, every thine, seems to indicate. Our Government, by the seizure,.of his vessis in their usual bungling way, have delayed, but they will hardly venture to oppose his attempts; and France is at his devo- tion, as far as good wishes will avail him. In the Peninsula con- siderable alarm has been displayed. FERDINAND has marched troops into Estramadura, to support his worthy nephew in his day of trial ; and MIGUEL is endeavouring to place Lisbon in a state of defence. A still more marked proof of his fears may be found. in the fact of his having extended grace to thirty-seven of the military mutineers who were destined to suffer death as their com- rades had. A marriage between MARIA DA GLORIA and the Duke de NEIIIOURS is spoken of in Paris. We have no doubt Louis PHILIP would gladly strengthen himself by alliances with the Royal Families of Europe ' • but he will wait, we rather believe, until he see. MARIA Queen de facto as well as de jure, before lie ratify a match which would otherwise do him more harm than good.