19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 10

!The abbreviations hardly require a key. Son, brother, uncle, father,

cousin, are marked by s, b, u, I; c; where the relation is one of marriage, 0. (for "law ") is added. For all relations more remote than cousins-german, the general mark r. (" relation") is used. In printing the names of the various Peers, we adhere to the distinction introduced in the former Tables. Reformers present, or voting by proxy at the great division, are printed in CAPITALS, Anti-Reformers in Italics.]

Abercorn, Marquis of. James Hamilton, n.

Sir C. Hamilton, Bart. r. Vice.Ad.

Sir E. Hamilton, Bart. r. Rear-Ad.

Sir J. Hamilton, Bart. r. Col. 69th Foot £1200 Governor of Dungannon Fort

C. J. Hamilton, r. Lieut. Foot Guards ABERCRO mg Y, Baron. G. Abercromby Pension for father's services .. .... 2000 G. R. Abercromby, s. Maj.

J. Abercromby, b. Ch. Baron Scotch Exche-

quer 4000 Alexander Abercromby, b. col.

The Baron of the Scotch Exchequer was for- merly a Commissioner of Bankrupts, and for a short time Judge-Advocate-General.

Aberdeen, Earl of

*Secretary of State, F. A... 6000 W. Gordon, b. Capt. R.N.

Sir C. Gordon, b. Lieut.-Col.

J. Gordon, b. Capt. R.N. Sir R. Gordon, b. Envoy at Constantinople 6000

Of this family we find, within the present cen- tury, the Honourable William Gordon, Groom of the Bedchamber, and Colonel of the 71st Re- giment ; the Honourable R. Gordon, Secretary of Legation at Vienna ; and the Earl himself was for- merly Ambassador Extraordinary to Vienna, with a salary of 12,000/. per annum, and Chan- cellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

• In the case or all the ex-Ministers, we have retained the places they held ; bectowe the holding is too recent not to enter into the motives that influence their conduct. An asterisk distinguishes them from the same offices held by the present Ministers.

Ahergavenny, E. Henry Neville, a Pension as compensation for Inspectorship of

Prosecutions in Customs .... 15-15 Vis. Neville, s. Church W. Neville, s. Church H. W. Neville, r. Church A C. Neville formerly held the office of In- spector of the Ordnance Barrack Establishment; and an Honourable R. Neville was Teller of the Irish Exchequer. His Lordship is Recorder of Harwich.

Abingdon. E. Montague Bertie

Frederick Bertie, b. Church £11J8&, M. Archibald Kennedy D. Baird, Capt.

Jonathan Peel, s.-I. Capt.

AMESBURY, M. C.B. Bruce.

Formerly Treasurer to Queen Charlotte.

Amacarkitx.E, E. Wm. Chat. Keppel Master of the Horse .. 3350 a T. Keppel, s. Major E. S. Keppel, s. Church

P. W. Keppel, r. Capt. Guards

E.G. W. Keppel, r. Capt.

The Earl has been Master of the Staghounds. His Lordship is the father-in-law of Mr. Coke, of Norfolk.

AX.v.ormr, B. William Arden Richard P. Arden. Lieut.-Cel.

His Lordship is the Son of the Chief Justice Cif the Court of Common Pleas, the first Lord Alvanley. We find a Mr. John Arden, Deputy Inspector of the Prosecutions in the Customs; and a Mrs. Elizabeth Arden, Housekeeper of the Levee Rooms.

AMHERST, E. William P. Amherst Pension, hered £3000 Lord Bedchamber ......... .. 1200 — 4200 Lord Amherst has been Ambassador to China and Governor-General of India. His father, Sir Jeffrey Amherst, was a General Officer and Go- Vernor of Upnor.

ANGLESEY, M. Henry W. Paget

Lord•Lientenant Ireland £20000 Col. 7th Dragoons 1800 21800 E. Uxbridge, s. LieutCol. .- Lord William Paget, s. Capt. R.N. Sir A. Paget, b. Late Ambassador.

Sir E. Paget, b. Gov. Mil. Col... £1500 2000


Pension Col. 23th Regiment . ...... 1046300

2963 R. T. Paget, b. Com. Excise 1400 Sir a Murray, 6..l. Col. 42d Ft . 1163

Sec. Col. 6000

Governor Fort St. George.. 141 — 2190 Groom of the Bedchamber 366 Sir C. Paget, b. Corn. Ch. Ir...

C. H. Paget, n. Commander R.N. Arden, B. C. G. Perceval

Register Court, Admiralty circa 10000 George James Perceval, s. Capt. A.N Charles George Perceval, a. Church Arthur Philip Perceval, s. Church Spencer Perceval, n. Teller Exchequer £2700 Clerk Ordnance 1200 3900

D. M. Perceval, n. Clerk Exchequer 520 Henry Perceval, a. Church

J. Can. sis.-I. Pension 2000 J. T. Perceval, is. Capt. Guards Lord Arden is the Lord-Lieutenant of Surry. His Lordship was formerly a Lord of the Ad- miralty and a Lord of the Bedchamber. The late Mr. Spencer Perceval, his brother, passed through the offices of Solicitor and Counsel to the Admiralty, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan- caster, and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr. Perceval's widow is the " J. Carr" who is in- cluded as a pensioner for 2,000/. a year ; and his Son the Teller of the Exchequer.

ARGYLL, D. G. W. Campbell Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1850

H. H. Clavering, Colonel Edward Bury, 6.4. Church Sir Alexander Johnston, Retired Judge at Ceylon 1600

Arundel, B. J. E. Arundel

G. ;Mcdonnell, 6.-1. Lieut.-Col. Sir J. Talbot, 6.4. Rear-Admiral

Ashburnham, E. G. Ashburnham, a. Percy S. Ashburnham, s. Capt. Guards Thomas Ashburnham, s. Capt. Guards Athol!, D. John Murray, a.

Adam Drummond, 6.-1. Capt. R.N.

Baron Glenlyon, b. Lord of the Bedchamber 1200

Sir E. Macgregor Murray. Bt., 6.-1. Colonel George Murray, c. Bishop of Rochester

Townshend Selwyn, a. Church Edward Murray, r. Church James A. Murray, a. Capt. R.N. Richard Murray, r. Major Herbert Oakley. r. Church.

AUCKLAND, B. George Eden

Master of the Mint and P. B. Trade .... £3000 Pension, Civil List, and 41 per Cents..... 300

Robert Eden, b. Church William Eden, r. Lieut.-Gen. John Eden, r. Major Foot Henry Eden, r. Copt. R.N.

G. M. Eden, r. Capt.

H. Parker, r. Capt. R.N. Sir G. Moore, r. Vice-Ad. R. Richardson, a. Church T. F. Wilson, r. Church

T. Eden, r. Dep. Sec. Ceylon .. 2180

His Lordship is Auditor of Greenwich Hospi- tal, and the Vendue-Master of Demerara; and has heretofore been Postmaster-General, and President of the Board of Trade. A Mr. H. Henley was an Ordnance Storekeeper.; .an-Ho- nourable Morton Eden, Clerk to the Auditor of Greenwich Hospital ; and an Honourable William Frederick Elliot Eden, in the office of Teller of the Exchequer.

AUDLEY, Lord Pension Civil List. . .462 Aylesford, E. Heneage. Finch C. Palmer, b.-l. Church Edward Finch, b. Chap. Ceylon 1070 John Finch, b. Lieut.-Col. William Finch, c. Church Heneage Finch, c. Church Daniel Finch, u. Church Edward Finch, u. Col. 22d Foot .... 1231

Groom Bedchamber 366 1597 The Earl of Aylesford was formerly Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, and subsequently Lord Steward of the Household.

Bagot, B. William Bagot

Sir Charles Begot, b. Ambass. Netherlands 11661 Richard Bagot, b. Biel. Oxford W. Begot, r. Rec. Gea. Taxes 1200 G. Begot. a. Fiscal Demerara 1228

Balcarras, E. James Lindsay


Hugh Lindsay, u. Marshal of the Ad-

miralty James Lindsay, c. Lieut.-Cal.

C. D. Lindsay, u. Bish. Kildare

Charles Lindsay, c. Church G. H. Lindsay, c. Capt. Army

BARIUM, B. Charles Noel Noel

Gerard Thomas Noel, b. Church Frederick Noel, b. Capt. R.N.

Francis James Noel, b. Church Sept W. Noel, b. Church Lord Barham was some time a Lord of the Admiralty, and Commissioner of the Land Re- venue, and also Commissioner for examining the Improvements suggested by the Naval Com- missioners.

Bath, Marquis. Thomas Thynne

Lord Henry Frederick Thynne, S.

Capt. R.N. Lord John F. Thynne, s. Church Lord W. Thyme, s. Capt. Foot . Lord Edw. Thyme, s. Lieut. Foot In the early part of the century, the Mar- quis of Bath had great influence. His Mar-

chioness was Mistress of the Robes to the.

Queen ; Lord John Thynne, Vice-Chamberlain of the King's Household; and Lord George Thynne, a Commissioner of the Treasury at one

time, and a Comptroller of the Household at

another. The Marquis is Lord-Lieutenant of Somersetshire.


Bathurst, E. Henry Bathurst

Surviving Clerk of Crown £1106 Teller Exchequer 2700

*President Council 2555

W. L. Bathurst, s. Deputy Teller of Exchequer . 1090

Late Commissioner Victualling 400

Clerk Council .... 1900 S. J. Bathurst. Lieut.-Col.

Treasurer GOV. Malta 1583 Charles Bathurst, s. Church The day of the Bathursts is past. The above- list tells a meagre tale of what they have en- joyed. In every branch of the public service-- civil, judicial, military, naval, colonial—the name of Bathurst is to be found. The Earl was formerly President of the Board of Trade and Secretary for the Colonies ; A. Apsley, Secre- tary to the Master-General of the Ordnance ;. Apsley Bathurst, Clerk of the Dispensations, and Clerk to the Teller of the Exchequer ; and his Lordship's son, Lord Apsley, has been a Com- missioner for the Affairs of India.

Bayning, B. Henry Towashend In the Church Beauchamp, E. J. R. Lygon H. B. Lygon, b. Lieut.-Col. 1st Life Guards

E. P. Lygou, b. Lieut.-Col. 2nd Life Guards

Beaufort, D. H. Charles Somerset Marquis Worcester, s. Major

R. E. Henry Somerset, b. Col. 1st Dragoon Guards £1520

Lieut..Gen. Ordnance 659

-- 219

C. H. Somerset, c. Major

Lord Fitzroy Somerset, b. Major-Gen 500 Military Secretary 2000 Pension for service ...... 300 2800 H. Wyndham, n. 1. Lieut.-Col. Henry Somerset, n. Lieut.-Col. Lord Charles Henry Somerset, a. Col. 1st

West India Regt. 1054 Plantagenet V. H. Somerset, a. Church

J. T. H. Somerset, b. Lieut-Col.

*Lord G. C. H. Somerset, s. Lord of the

Treasury 1000- Lord W. G. H. Somerset, b. Church- Besides the Somerset, in the above list, the late Lord Charles held for many years a Regis. ment yielding upwards of 1,000E. per annum, and he it was who distinguished himself as Go. vernor of the Cape. He was also Paymaster.. General of the Forces for some years; and Comp- troller of the Household. Lord E. H. Somerset has been Deputy Paymaster, and Governor of the Isle of France ; Lord Fitzroy has been Se- cretary of the Embassy to Paris, a Colonel of a Regiment; and, before his present appointment, Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief. We find a Charles Edward Somerset, Secretary of the Stamp Office, and a Teller of Stamps. Of the sons of the Duke, Lord Granville Somerset has been Lord of the Treasury, and the Marquis of Worcester was for a little while a Lord of the Admiralty. His Grace is Lord-Lieutenant of three counties—Gloucestershire, Monmouth- shire, and Breconshire.

BEDFORD, D. John Russell

Lord George William Russell, s. Lieut.-Col. John Russell, n. Commander R.N. Lord John Russell, s. Paymaster of Forces 2000 Lord Edward Russell, a. Lieut. in Navy Lord C. G. F. Russell, s. Capt. Foot

The Duke of Bedford is Recorder of the town. of Bedford. He was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland in 1806 ; since that period he has not held office. His relative, Lord William Russell, has been a Lord of the Admiralty.

BELHAVEN, B. R. M. Hamilton Charles Sotheby, 6.-1. Capt. R.N.

Beresford, V. W. Carr Beresford

Maj.-Geo. Ordnance £3176 Capt. Cadet Co 469 Col. 16th Foot 1182 Pension for services 2000 Governor of Jersey 1100 Sir J. P. Beresford, b. V. A.

Berwick, B. Thomas N. Hill, a. Richard Noel, b. Church William Noel Hill, b. Envoy at Naples ...

BESBOROVOR, E. Frederick Ponsonby V. Duncannon, s. Woods and Forests Frederick C. Ponsonby, s. Inspecting

Field Officer £383 Lieutenant-Governor Malta 44.100 Pension 300

R. Ponsonby, r. Bishop of Kildare' George Ponsonby. r. Lord, of the Trea-





6000 2000

4688, ROO Beverley, E. Algernon Percy Lord Lovaine, s. Lord of the Bedchamber 1000 Hugh Percy, s. Bishop of Carlisle Jocelyn Percy, s. Captain R.N. Algernon Percy, 8. Swiss Minister 2900 William Henry Percy, s. Capt. R.N.

Bexley, B. Nicholas Vansittart

Pension 3010

This nobleman has held various offices of in- fluence and emolument; it is sufficient to men- tion the Chancellorship of the Exchequer. When a place is one of responsibility, the country is not always a gainer by the activity of the placeman. The nation would have been no loser had Nicholas. Vansittart always derived his emoluments from a pension.

Botnionnortn, V. Henry St. John . Frederick St. John, u. General Bolton, B. W. Orde Poulett Boston, B. George Irby F. P. Irby, b. Capt. R.N. Paul A. Irby, b. Church C. L. Irby, b. Capt. R.N.

Bradford, E. G. A. F. IL Bridgeman C: Orl. Bridgeman, b. Capt. R.N. Henry Edmund Bridgeman, b. Church George Bridgeman, u. Church Edmund Henry Bridgeman, c. Major E. A. Bagot, r. Church BRAYDROOKE., B. Richard Griffin G. N. Grenville Griffin, b. Church BREAnALBANT, E. J. Campbell Lieut.-Gen.

Bristol, M. F. W. Hervey Lord G. Hervey, s. Capt. in Army

Sir F. B. Hervey, r. Capt. in Guards Lord William Hervey, his son, was recently Secretary of Legation to Spain, and Under Se- cretary for Foreign Affairs.

BROUGHAM, B. Henry Brougham Lord Chancellor .. 10971 W. Brougham, Master in Chancery.... circa 4000 Brownlow, E. John Cust H. E. Cust, b. Church R. Cust, b. Church P. F. Cost, b. Capt. R.N. E. Cast, 0. Lieut.-Col. William Cust, b. Comm. Customs 1400 Bstecleugh, D. W. F. Scott Douglas Buckingham. and Chandos, D. Richard Gren- ville Nugent Chandos Temple Lord Nugent, b. Lord of the Treasury .1000 Thomas Grenville, b. Chief Justice of Eyre

South of Trent 2250 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, E. George Robert Ho- bart Hanipden• -

Augustus E. Hobart, b. Church • A. J. Foster, b.-1. Minister Turin... . 4299 Henry Lewis Hobart, c. Dean Windsor • John Sullivan,ss.. Commissioner of Boardof

Control 1200 J. A. Sullivan, r. Col. Sec. &c. Jamaica and • Demerara .. . 9300 Henry Hobart,.r. Church The late Earl, the uncle of the present, was Clerk of the Pleas of the EXchequer in Ireland, and Secretary for the Colonial Department.

Bute, M. John Stuart Lord G. Stuart, u. Capt. R.N.

Lord Lieutenant of Glamorgan and Bute, and Recorder of Banbury.

Stuart de Rothsay, B. Charles Stuart

Ambassador at Paris 12000

BYRON, B. George Anson Byron Capt. R.N.; Lord of the Bedchamber Robert Heath, 9.-1. Church. Richard Byron, r. Capt. R.N. Henry Byron, r. Church John Byron, r. Church Cadogan, E. C. H. Sloane Cadogan, a. George Cadogan, b. Capt. R.N. E. Cadogan, 6. Major Camden, M. John Jeffreys Pratt

Teller Exchequer 2700

This is the nobleman who first presented, in his own person, the rare example of relinquish- ing public money—after probably receiving very little short of a million. He has held the sine- cure office of Teller of the Exchequer for nearly fifty years, during thirty-six of which he re- ceived, we believe, the whole emoluments ; these, in 1815, amounted to 27,4691. 13.s. 93. Since 1817, the Marquis has placed his office upon the same footing as the other Tellers. He has held- with his office of Teller of the Ex- chequer, that o7 Colonial Secretary, and also a Commissionership of the Board of Control. Ha is Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, and Recorder of Bath. His son, the Earl of Brecknock, has been a Lord of the Admiralty.

CAMPERDOWN, E. Robert Dundas Duncan Haldane Hereditary Pension for father's victory 3000 Henry Duncan, b. Capt. R.N.

Canning, B. f. Pension for Family for Father's services 3000 Besides the distinguished places which the late : Mr. Canning held, he was content. to be Re- eiter-General of the Alienation Office. Cardigan, E. Robert Brudenell Henry Baring, 8..1. Capt. Life Guards Augusta Brudenell, n. Pension List C. L 202 CARLISLE, E. George Howard Henry Edw. J. Howard, n. Church

The Earl is of the Cabinet, but does not hold place. When Viscount Morpeth, he was one of the Commissioners of the Board of Control.

Carnarvon, E. Henry G. Herbert William Herbert, b. Church

In other days, the Earl was Master of the Horse.

Carrington, B. Robert Smith H. M. Master, r. Church

E. S. Pearce, r. Church

H. W. W. Wynne, s../. Minister at Copen- hagen Carteret, B. George Thynne This family is a connexion of the Marquis of Bath. His Lordship is High Bailiff of Jersey. Carysfort, E. J. J. Proby, a.


Gran: L. Proby, b. Capt. It.N.

Lord Carysfort was formerly Ambassador to Prussia, and Guardian of the Rolls of Ireland. Cathcart, E. W. Schaw Cathcart, a.

Late Emboss. Petersburg £1784 Col. 2nd Life Guards 18 Vice-Ada'. Scotland 1106 3115 Governor of Hull

Lord Greenock, s. Col.

Fred. Cathcart, s. Lieut.-Col.

George Cathcart, s. Lieut.-Col.

Adolphus Frederick Cathcart, s. Lieut. Arch. II. Cathcart, b. church

Robert Cathcart, r. Capt. R.N. 369

Baroness Cathcart. Pen. Civil List CA-Dm, E. J. F. Campbell George P. Campbell. b. Capt. R.N

Groom of the Bedchamber 4005 Col. 4th Foot ... £1200 Governor Gibraltar .. 2500 — 4000

For the splendid reputation of the first Lord, and the doubtful glories of his second son Wil- liam, the country have paid dearly to the present Earl. His Lordship was the celebrated leader of theWalcheren expedition ; and he has been Master-General of the Ordnance, Colonel of se- veral Regiments, and Governor of Jersey. Chesterfrld, E. George Stanhope

A Lord of the Bedchamber 1200 Philip Stanhope, r. Lieut..CoL Henry .Stanhope, r. Capt. R.N.

J. Si Rashleigh, r. Church .

Arthur Stanhope, r. Comp. F. Letter Office 191$ Sir E. F. S. Stanhope, r. Capt. R.N. CHICHESTER, E. H. T. Pelham The Earl of Chichester, as Lord Pelham, held several important offices. He latterly enjoyed the lucrative office of Postmaster-General. Cholmondeley, Mang. G. H. Cholmondeley

A Marquis Cholmondeley is described to have been Lord Steward. The Chamberlain of the County Palatine Court of Chester was an Hon. E. Cholmondeley. The Hon. and Rev. Cholmondeley was Prothonotary of the Duchy Court of Lancaster, and Auditor-General of the Leeward Islands; and an E. J. Cholmondeley, Commissioner of Excise.

Ciancarty, E. Rich. Le Poer Trench Retired Ambassador . . .. 2000 * William Gregory, 0..1. Under Sec. Ireland 2102 Pension for self and lady ... 946 Poer Trench, b. Archb. Tuam

Poer Trench, n. Capt. R.N.

Will.Trencb, b. Corn. Customs Ir. Capt. R.N.

Charles Trench, b. Church

A retired ambassador, and a retired President of the Board of Trade ; and Master of tile Mint, and Postinaster-General of Ireland.

CLANRICAPDE, M. Ulick de Burgh

Capt. Yeoman Guard.. 1341 'this young nobleman married the daughter of

Mr. Canning. - Clanwilliam, E. Richard Meade J. M.iade, b. Cons.-Gen. Madrid 1613 R. Meade, b. Col. 12th Foot 1266

Pension service 400 — 1666

Pierce Meade, b. Church Clare, E. John Fitzgibbon.

The late Lord Chancellor of Ireland, whose name the enmity of Curran has rendered fa- mous.. The present Earl is Governor of Bom- bay; and h's brother is the judicial shadow of his late deceased 'father the Chancellor. He fills the honourable, and we dare say lucrative post of Usher of theirish Court of Chancery. The great dignitaries of the law delight in begetting the holders of -inferior places. 1200 I Churchill, B. F. A. Spencer Ranger of \Vhichwood Forest G. A. Spencer. Capt. Inf. A. A. Spencer. Lieut. Inf. CLARENDON, E. J. C. Villiers Chief Justice in Eyre North of Trent.. 42250 Prothonotary Coun. Durham 950

— 2700 G. W. F. Villiers, n. Cum. Cus 1400 The name of Villiers is of constant recurrence in the list of place. The Honourable George Villiers is put down in the books as the Regis- trar of the Admiralty Court of Gibraltar and the Marshal of Antigua, as Groom of the Bed- chamber, and Clerk of the Council. A J. C. Villiers (is it the Earl himself?) was Surveyor of the Woods and Forests ; and a W. G. Villiers, Paymaster of the Marines. A relative, Charles Villiers, was appointed a Commissioner of Bankrupts by Lord Lyndhurst.

CLEVELAND, M. William H. Vane

Earl Darlington, s. Lieut.-Col.

William H. Meyrick, s.-1. Lieut.-Col. Foot Guards —Metcalfe, s.-1. Capt. R.N.

An Hon. F. Vane is described as Deputy- Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. Lord H. Paulett, a son, has been a Lord of the Admiralty

CLIFDEN V. Hy. Welbore Agar Ellis Clerk Privy Council, Ir 1950-

CLIFFORD, B. Charles Clifford

Cr.rxrux and SAYE, B. Robt. Cotton St. John. Trefusis.

Col. and Aid-de-camp to King

Lord of Bedchamber 12110 G. R. W. Trefusis, b. Capt. R.N. C. It. Trefusis, b. Com. Excise 1400

Cr.oNcimuy, B. V. B. Lawless

Colchester, B. Charles Abbot Capt. R.N.

Hereditary Pension ..... . 3000

The late Lord Colchester, besides the office ,or Speaker of the House of Commons, by which he 366 earned the title and pension he has bequeathed to his son, was also Clerk of the Rules of the Court of King's Bench, and Keeper of the Privy Seal of I reland.

£1800 200 2000 4000 • Commander-in-Chief in India

Conyngham, M. Henry Conyngham, a. • Lord Steward £2435

Governor Windsor Castle Lieut.-Gen. unattached 636

Earl Muuntcharles, s. Corn. Treas 1220 * First Groom Bedchamber A00

• Master Robes

• Lord. A. D. Conyngham, s. Sec. Legation Florence Sir F. N. Conyngham, b. ..Lieut.-Gov.

Lower Canada • •

CORK, E. Ed. Boyle

General in the Army

Robert Boyle, s.- Ens. Inf.' C. Boyle, ri. Capt. H.N.

Commissioner Navy 1000

CORNWALLIS, E. James Cornwallis- The late Earl had a Colonelcy of a Regiment; and was Lord-Lieutenant and Commander of the Forces in Ireland, Constable of the Tower, and Master-General of the Ordnance : and a James Cornwallis—we know not whether it is the present Earl—was a Gentleman Porter of the Tower. - Cour/own, E. James G. Stopford Edward Stopford, s. Lt.-Col-Ft. Gds. Henry S. Stop ford, s. Church Montagne Stopford, s. Capt. R.N. Sir Ed. Stopford, b. Col. 41st 12118 Sir Robert Stopford, b. Admiral Richard Bruce, b. Church William Henry Stopford, c. Capt. R.N.

Richard Henry Stopford, r. Lt. R.N.

W . B. Stopford, r. Clerk For. Office Edward Stopford, r. Capt. R.N. George Stopford, r. Church Coventry, .E. G. W. Coventry IVilloughby Cotton, s.-I. Col.

A..C. Crawfurrl, s Lieut.-Col. Samuel Wright, s.-l. Capt. R.N.

Cowley, Lord. Henry Wellesley

Retired Ambassador

This nobleman is brother to the Duke of Wel- lington. He has been much engaged in the profitable employment of diplomacy ;. chiefly as an ambassador of the first class. Under the late Ministry he represented this country at the Court of Vienna, with a salary of 12,0001. per annum.

COWPER, E. P. L. L. F. Cowper Hereditary Pension . 1640 Viscount Fordwich, s. Cornet H. G. Samuel Marsh Phillips, r. Under Secretary

of State 2960

CRAVEN, E. William Craven Frederick St. John, u..1. General H. A. B. Craven, u. Major-Gen.

Crewe, B. John Crewe, a.

John Crewe, s. Lieut.-Gen.

Willoughby Crewe, b. Church , J. W. T. Watson, b..1. General Dicaz, •B. Thomas-Brand Henry Otway Trevor Brand, b. Major-Getto Contr,ermere, V. Stapleton Cotton

Col. 1st Life Guards Gov. Sheerness Pension for Service

Dalhousie, E. George Ramsay, a. Commander-in-Chief India Col. 26th Foot 1200 Lord Ramsay, s. Lieut. Inf. James Ramsay, b. Major..Gen. Gov. Carlisle John Ramsay, b. Colonel DARNLEY, E. John Bligh Edward !High. b. General Bligh, b. Colonel Dartmouth, E. William Legge George Neville Grenville, .-1. Church A. C. Legge, b. Capt. Life Guards ;Tearyb. Church Sir A. K. y,„.,,,gt, U. Vice-Admiral Henry Legge,- b. cn,:.•nissn,ner of Customs 1400 11. Legge, r. Comptroller o. the .ge*Y 1290

I'M. late Earl was Lord Steward. titS trother, first Clerk to the Closet ; a King's Chaplain ; then Bishop of Oxford. We find a Henry Legge Commissioner of Bankrupts, Inspector of the Exchequer Book of Outports in the Customs, and Under Secretary for the Irish Department.

DE CLirvonn, B. E. South Clifford tie Dunstancille, B. F. Bassett Delamere, B. Thomas Cholmondeley Delawarr, E. G. J. West Joseph D'Arcy, b.-1. Lieutenant-Colonel E. 1'. Buckley, n.-1. Gent. Privy Chamber

Henry \Vynyard, General

DENnum, E. W. Basil Percy Fielding Henry Harding, 0.-1. Church Charles Fielding, r. Capt. B.N.

.Dznny, E. E. S. Stanley

E. G. Stanley, g..s. Secretary for Ireland 4823 Henry Thomas Stanley, g.-s. Lieut. Inf. Samuel Long, Lieut.-Col. Charles J. F. Stanley, q.-s. Lieut. Foot Guards Thomas Stanley, r. Church

Edward Stanley, r. Lieut. R.N. The Earl was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster during the short reign of The Talents, in 180G.

De Roos, Bs. Charles T. de Roos William L. Lascelles de Roos,s. Major Colonial Agent Malta

J. F. de Roos, s. Cont. R.N.

The late Baroness had a trivial pension charge-

able on the Civil List. It should not be forgotten

that De Roos is the premier Peer of England.

De Tabley, B. George Leicester

Devon, E. William Courtenay, a. William Courtenay, c. Clerk Parlia-

ment . 4000 Patentee of Subpomu Office,Chan- eery

T. P. Courtenay, c. V. P. B. Trade 2000

Agent Cape of Good Hope 600 Edward Berens. r. Church Edward Ilouverie, r. Church

J. P. Courtenay, r. A Clerk in Treas. • W. Courtenay has been a Commissioner of Bankrupts, and a Master in Chancery. T. P. Courtenay has been Deputy -Paymaster of the Forces; Principal Registrar of the Land-Tax Office, and Cashier of the Stationery. A Ken- neth Courtenay was Clerk of the Tontine Polls Office.

DEVONSHIRE, D. W. Spencer Cavendish Lord Chamberlain 3058 Lord F. C. Cavendish, c. Lt.-Col. L. G.

Dig5y, E. Edward Dighy Robert Dighy, b. Church

Edward St. Vincent Dighy, r. Lieut. Inf.

Henry Rigby, c. Rear-Admiral

George Digby, c. Capt. R.N.

Samuel Serret, Church Charles Dighy, r. Church John Dampier, r. Church DONEGAL, M. G. A. Chichester Earl Belfast, s. Vice-Chamberiain House-

hold . • •• •• 000

Donoughmore, E. J. II. Hutchinson

Col. loth Foot . 125e Governor Stirling Castle Pension fur service .. 4115 Henry Hutchinson, n. Lieut.-Col.

Ab. A. hotchinsnn. b. Com. Customs 1400 J. T. Bo n.•1. Church J. F. Bond, r. Church Dorchester, B. in. Guy Carleton Lady Dorchester. Pensions 1115 J. King, 6.-1. Church

J. Orde, r. Church Richard Carleton, r. Church The late Lord Dorchester was a Colonel of the Dragoon Guards. General T. Carleton, a rela- tive, was Colonel of the (30th Regiment, and Governor of New Brunswick.

DORMER, B. J. T. Dormer

Dorset, D. Charles Sackville Germain George Germain, b. Assay M. Tin, Duchy of Cornwall

DOVER, B. G. Agar Ellis First Commissioner of Woods and Forests 2000

Douglas, B. Archibald Douglas George Scott, b.-1. Rear-Adm. James Douglas, b. Church ' George Douglas, b. Capt. R.N.

An Hon. James Douglas was some time Com- missioner of the Transport Department of the Ilavy.Office. . 2600 557 2000

DOWNE, V. J. C. B. Dawnay

Lieut.-Col. unattached, pay 200

• Sec. to Mas.-Gen. Ord.... ......... h00 W. H. Downey, b. Church DoWNSIIIRE, M. A. B. S. T. Hill Lord A. M. W. Hill, b. Lieut.-Col. Lord G. Augustus Hill, b. Capt. Hussars

Aid-de-camp to Lord-Lieut. Ireland Drogheda, N. Edward Moore, a.

Henry Moore, c. Chinch Charles Moore, r. Church

Frederick Moore, r. Capt. Lancers The late Marquis was a Colonel of a regiment, and Postmaster-General of Ireland.

Duel; B. Thomas Moreton A Lord Ducie was, not many years ago, Pro- vost Marshal of llarbadoes.

Duillty, E. J. W. Ward Dufferin and Claneboye, B. James Blackwood John Blackwood, b. Church Hans Blackwood, b. Commis. Aud. Ireland. 738 Price Blacliwood, n. Capt. R.N.

Sir II. Blackwood,/). Coin. Chief More 2555 Groom Bedchamber 2021

Henry Martin, n. Capt. R.N. James Jones, b.-1. Church

DENGAS, B. Lawrence Dundas

Henry Lane, s..1. Lieut.-Col. William Wharton, b.-1. Church Thomas L. Dundas, b. Church G. H. L. Bilndits, b. Lord of the Admiralty 1000

Sir R. L. Dundas, It. Col.

Lady E. Dundas, r. Pension, C. L... ..... . . 276 DI; RIIA7.1, B. J. G. Lambton Lord Privy Seal.....' 2193 Henry Lambton, b. Groom of the Bedchamber 3116 This nobleman is a son-in-law of Earl Grey, the Premier.

Dynevor, B. George Talbot Rice Edward Rice Talbot, b. Church (Dean of Gloucester) Eglinton, E. A. W. Montgomery, as. Alexander Montgomery, r. Capt. R.N. Thomas Procter, r. Church Egremont, E., a. George O'Bryen Wyndham Percy C. Wyndham, b. Offices in Burbadoes and Jamaica circa 5000 George F. Wyndhamos. Capt. R.N. Charles Boultbee, n. 1. Church Eldon, E. John Scott Pension as retired Chancellor 4000 Edward Banker, 84. Church (Prebendary of Gloucester, &c.) W. H. J. Scott, s. Three Offices in Chancery 2611

His Lordship lived long enough in office to in- troduce his own and his wife's kin. W. V. Sur- tees, one of his lady's relatives, was Secretary of Decrees and Injunctions, Filacer of the Court of Common Pleas, Commissioner of Lunatics, and Commissioner of Bankrupts, and Clerk of the Jmata King's Silver Office. Other relatives ware also provided for.

Elgin, E. Thomas Bruce

Pension as late Ambassador £2000

Lieut.-Gen. Unattached 005

— 2595

Sir John Oswald, 0.-I. Col. 35th Foot 1287 Eitrnborough, B. Edward Law

*Pelent India Board 5000 Chief Cirri: King's Bench 9625 -- 14625

Thomas Dyneley, 0.-1. Major Artillery Henry Spencer Law, b. Capt. Infantry

Cantos B. K. B.

',Sir George Clerk, c../. Under Secretary of St-oe 2000 Ed v,,,ird Law, C. Church P. G. Cruft,, r. Church J.hk:r

J. J. Low, Church litti kn. se; c../. Church

II;nry Law, e. Church

Behr. V. Law, C. Church

His Lordship also holds the office of Custos Brevium, King's Bench, conjointly with Lord Kenyon, who receives the fees (26961.) for his life. We presume there is a benefit of survivorship. Is not W. J. I.% w, the Commissioner of the In- solvent Debtors' Court, a relation of the noble Earl?

Efy,11I. John Loftus Lord Robert Ponsonby Loftus, b.

Bishop Clogher

A Postmaster-General of Ireland was a Mar- quis of Ely, and a Viscount Loftus Lord Com- missioner of the Irish Treasury and Teller of the Exchequer, Enniskillen, E. J. Willoughby Cole Henry A. Cole, s. Cornet Drag. It. Magennis, s.-1. Capt. R.N. Sir G. L. Cole, b. CoL 27th Foot £1200 Commander in Chief, Cape of Good Hope 7000 Governor of Gravesend and Tilbury — Stafford, c.-1. Major, Army ERROL, E. William George Hay Pensions for self and female relatives on E. and S. List 1289

Master of Horse to Queen

William Wemyss, b.-I. Lieut.-Col. James Wemyss, 6.4. Capt. R.N.

W. H. Carros.-1. Church

George Moore, u..l. Church (Prebend. Canter.)

4900 290

Essex, E. George Capel Coningsby A. H. C. Coped, n. Lieut. R.N. Thomas Edward Capel, b. Maj.-Gem 'William Robert Capel, b. Church Thomas Blades Capel, b. Rear-Adm.

Exeter, M. Brownlow Cecil Lord Thomas Browni ow, b. Major Hussars.

Exmouth, V. Ed. Pellew

Pension for services Admiral's half-pay P. B. Pellew, Capt. 11.N.

Sir L. W. lialsted, a Vice-Athn. Richard lieu ward, s.-1. Capt. R.N. F. II. It. Pellew, s. Capt. R.N. George Pet!..2w, a. Church (Prebend. Cant ) Edward fellow, s. Church Sir Israel Pellew, b. Vice-Adm.

Fahnotith, E. Edward Buseawen

JOIM E. Poseawen, b. Church (Preb. Cant.)

C. Paritius, r. Church

George lloscawen, r. Lieut. Eng.

E. S. BOSCZIMM, Farnborough, B. Charles Long

*Pension for twenty-eight years on 41 per Cent.

Duties. resigned October 121) 1500 Samuel Long, n. Lieut.-Col. F. G. William Long, b. Church (Cum Wind.) George Chamberlain, 6.-1. Church Farnham, B. J. M. Barry Henry Barry, b. Church

We find a Lord Farnham Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, in the course of the present century.

Ferran], V. T. IL S. Foster, a.

A. J. Foster. r. Envoy Turin.., 4345 FERRE s, E. Washington Shirley

Walter Shirley, c. Church Wal. A. ahirley, r. Church J. Going, r. Church

H. Banbury, r. Church James Shirley, r. Church

Fevers/tam, B. Charles Buncombe Henry Buncombe, s. Church Arthur Buncombe, s. Lieut. R.N.


Lord of the Bedchamber 1200

Alexander Duff, b. Col. 931LI Foot 1307 A. F. Taylor, L.-1. Major Fitzwilliam, E. W. W. Fitzwilliam, a. ERSKEIE, B. D. M. Erskine

Minister at Munich

1400 Samuel Holland, 6.-1. Church (Prebend Chichester) Henry„David, b. Church

Pensions to Sisters on the English and Scotch Lists £2000 760 2765

FOLEY, B. Thomas Foley

Capt. Gentlemen Pensioners . 1000

Forester, B. J. 0. W. Forester C. It. W. Forester, Cornet Lancers

G. C. W. Forester, s. Lt. H. Gds. Groom of Bed-chamber 361;

FORTESCUE, E. Hugh Fortescue C. II. 'Williams, s.-/: Major

John Fortescue, .e. Church

Matthew Fortescue, b. Capt. R.N. William Fortescue, ii. Church Gage, V . Ii. H. Gage Will. Hall, v.-I. Rear-Ad.

A. J. Gage was Chief Clerk of the Signet.

Galloway, E. George Stewart, a. Vice-Admiral Red

Chas. J. Stewart, b. Church, (MA. Quebec) 2800

Ed. IL Stewart, b. Dep. Cll. Customs 1709

J. H. K. Ste at, b. Ass. Sec. Treas.

Gambier, B. James Gambier Robt. Gambier, a. Capt. R.N.

Sir J. Gambi.a., r. Cons-Gen. Netherlands 1200

Geo. Cornish, a. Capt. R.N. L. Iremonger, 0.-1. Church

Formerly a Lord of the Admiralty ; and his relative, S. Gambier, Commissioner of the Navy.

Gdonter.o, B. A. L. Gardner W. II. Gardner, Comr, Artillery, Malta

Gifford, B. In.

Pension Civil List ..

GLENLVON, B. James Murray. Major-Gen. and Gov. Isle of Man Lord Bedchamber . . 1200 Gonniumr, V. F. J. Robinson

Secy. Col. of 6000 Commissioner of Board of Control 1500 Lord Goderich is Recorder of Lincoln. He passed through every grade of the higher range of offices ; as Vice-President of the Board of Trade ; President thereof; Treasurer of the Navy ; Chancellor of the Exchequer; First Lord of the Treasury ; and finally, Colonial Secre- tary. His Lordship is brother to Lord Gran- tham; the brothers are now, however, of oppo- site politics.

GOrd,2Z, D. George Gordon

Col. 1st Foot Guards £2325 Gov. Minh. Castle 1046

*Keeper Seal Scotland 1850

— 5221 GOWER, B. G. 0. Leveson Gower

GRAFTON, D. George H. Fitzroy

Hereditary Pensions £11900 Sealer K.B. and C.P 2889

--- 14788

Lord Charles Fitzroy, 8. Inspecting Field Officer Ionian Isles Lord J. Henry Fitzroy, s. Capt. Hussars Lord Charles Fitzroy, b. Col. 25th Foot.... 1200 Chas. A. Fitzroy, a. Dept. Adjt.-Gen. C. G. Hope

George Fitzroy, n. Capt. F. G.

G. F. Tavel, 6.4. Church Lord Will. Fitzroy, b. Capt. R.N.

GRANARD, E. George Forbes

Lieut.-Gen. Clerk Crown and Hanaper, (Ireland)

Lord Forbes, s. Maj.-Gen.

A. 111•Neill, 6.-1. Col.

Grantham, B. J. P. Robinson Grantley, B. F. Norton George C. Norton, b. Commis. Bankrupts 400 C. F. Norton, b. Lt. ml'.

Of this family there have been J: C. Norton, Colonel of the 56th Regiment of Foot; and the Honourable Fletcher Norton, Baron of the Scotch Court of Exchequer.


Ambassador at Paris 11000 Gray, B. Francis Gray Lady Gray, re. Pension C. L. . . 97 Grenville, B. a. William Wyndham Grenville

Auditor of Exchequer

4000 His Lordship formerly held office as Secretary 0 for Foreign Affairs, and First Lord of the Trea- sury. General R. Grenville was Out Ranger of Windsor Little Park ; and an R. Grenville, Clerk to the Board of Control, and Clerk to the Privy Seal. A. T. Grenville was also Chief Jus- tice in Eyre South of Tnert.

GREY, E. Charles Grey

First Lord Treasury 5000

Commis. Board of Control

1500 Vis. Howick, Under Sec. State..... 2000

Charles Grey, s. Major F. W. Grey, s. Capt. R.N.

George Barrington, s.-I. Lord Adm. . 1000

II. G. Grey, b. Col. 13th Drag

. 1800

Sir H. Thompson, n.-I. Church Francis Baring, n.-I. Lord Treasury .. 1200 Edward Grey, b. Church Edward Ellice, b.-I. Secretary Treasury ... 3500 Of Earl Grey's family, there have been in place, Sir Charles Grey, a Governor of Guernsey ; the Hon_ George Grey, a Commissioner of the Navy; Sir George Grey, Marshal of Barbadoes ; and the Hon. W. Grey, Principal Registrar of the Court of Admiralty, Cape of.GootrHope, Guildford, E. F. North

In the Church Master St. Cross Hospital, Winchester

William Gander, 14-I. Church (Preb. Win- chester)

The late Earl was Patent Comptroller of the Customs, and Captain of Deal Castle. The Hon. Francis North, Lieutenant of the Cinque Ports ; and the Hon. Frederick North, Chamberlain to the Exchequer.

_Waddington, E. Thomas Hamilton HAMILTON, D. Alexander Hamilton H. J. J. Hamilton, r. Sec. Emb. Paris A. B. P. A. P. Hamilton, r. Lt. lt.N. Harborough, E. Robert Sherard, a.

Join Reeve, Lieut.-Col. Httrdwicke, E. Philip Yorke

C. P. Yorke, n. Capt. R.N.

Charles P. Yorke, b. Teller Exchequer.... 2700 Philip 3. Yorke, r. Capt. F. G.

Charles Isaac Yorke, r. Church

Reginald Yorke, r. Lieut. R.N. The Earl is Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridge. He has been Viceroy of Ireland, and a Registrar of the Admiralty Court. A Colonel John Yorke was Deputy Lieutenant-Governor of the Tower ; the Hon. J. Yorke a Clerk of the Crown in the Court of King's Bench, a Com- missioner of Bankrupts, a Patentee for making out Commissions of Bankruptcy ; Charles Yorke, Secretary at War' Charles P. Yorke, a Lord of the Admiralty ; and Sir Joseph Yorke, also a Lord of the Admiralty.

Warezrood, E. Henry Lascelles

Harrington, E. Charles Stanhope, a.

Colonel in the Army Lincoln E. R. Stanhope, c. Lieut.-Cul. Groom Bedchamber 366

Leicester F. C. Stanhope, b. Lieut.-Col. Fitzroy H. F. Stanhope, c. Church Francis Charles Stanhope, b. Major Harris, B. George Harris

Gen. Corn. of the Northern District

S. R. Lushington, s.-I. Gov. Madras Pension Cons. Fund 1500 J. Hodson, s.-I. Church Harrowby, E. Dudley Ryder Gran. D. Ryder, s. Lieut. R.N.

E. Saurin, s.-1. Capt. R.N. F. D. Ryder, s. Clerk Foreign Office Richard Ryder, b. Registrar Cons. Court Henry Ryder, 6. Bishop L. and C. Henry D. Ryder, a. Church HASTINGS, M. G. A. F. R. Hastings

Frederick Fowls, r. Church

The present Marquis of Hastings has just at- tained his majority. He married the Baroness Grey de Ruthyn. His father, as Earl of Moira and first Marquis of Hastings, filled many dia. tinguished offices about the Court and in the

public service. He was Governor-General of India, Constable of the Tower, Master-General of the Ordnance, an attached Colonel, and a Lord of the Bedchamber.

HAWKE, B. G. W. Hawke

HEADFORT, M. Thomas Taylour

Lord of the Bedchamber

Robert Taylour, c. Col. 6th Drag. Guards H. E. Taylour, b. Church

Marchioness Headfort, pension

Hereford, V. Henry F. Devereux

Pension C. L. 583 'Capt. of Gentlemen Pensioners 1000 Sir J. Cockburn, Paymaster Marines

Hertford, M. F. C. Seymour

Lord R. Seymour, a. I Comp. & Prothon. 1

Lord H. Seymour, u. I K.B. Ireland ' • Lord 11. Seymour, u. Cumpens. Craner, &c

Dublin 1251 Lord G. Seymour, u. Chairman Excise 2000

Henry Seymour, c. Sergt. at Arms, H. C 2300 George F. Seymour, c. Capt. R.N. Sergt. at Arms, II. L.

H. B. Seymour, c. Gent. Usti. Privy Ch.

The Marquis has filled the courtier offices of Vice-Chamberlain, Chamberlain of the King's Household, and Master of the Horse. S. H. Seymour was at one time Secretary of Legation at Constantinople; Lady E. Seymour was House- keeper at Hampton Court ; James Seymour, Chamber-keeper ; and the above, Lord Henry and Lord George Seymour Conway, were Car- men and Wharfingers in the Irish Customs. His Lordship is Recorder of Coventry and Bod- min.

Heytesbury, B. William A'Court Ambits,: St. Petersburg E. IL A'Court, b. Capt. R.N.

C. A. A'Court, b. Lieut.-Col.

Hill, B. Rowland Hill, a.

Commander-in-Chief Col. 53rd Regt.

Gov. Plymouth Pension for Service 7434 John Hill, a. Church

11. F. Hill. a. Capt. Inf. Aid. to Uncle Philip Hill, a. Capt. Inf.

C. 1). Hill, a. Corm Horse Guards G. S. Hill, Lieut. Horse Guards, Aid, to Uncle 1200 1578 88 1583 7137 12000 £3458 1358 017 2000

Edward Neville, 6.-1. Church Sir R. C. Hill, b. Col.

Clement Hill, b. Lieut.-Col. Horse Guards Sir J. N. Hill, n. Dep.-Adj.-Gen. Canada HOLLAND, Vassal B. II. R. Fox

Chancellor Duchy of Lancaster 3.563

H. H. Fox, s. Lieut.-Col. Sir H. E. Sunbury, 6.-I. Maj.-Gen. William Napier, b..I. Lieut.-Col.

Mrs. B. Fox, a. Pension 939 Home, E. A. Ramsey Home Pension Civil List 276 Lord Dunglas, s. Chamb.

Forest . 300 HOOD, V. Henry Hood.

Pension for services of Father 1875 Samuel 11 oud. n. Lieut. Foot Guards

F. G. Hood, a. Lieut. Foot Guards F. Mason, s.-I. Capt. R.N.

Hopetoun, E. John Hope .Tames Hope, b. Capt. Foot Guards

Sir Al. Hope, a. Col. -17th Foot £900 Gov. Chelsea Hospital 464 Pension for Wound 400 — 1764 Sir Patrick Murray, Bar. Scotch Exchequer .. 2000 Charles Hope, r. President of the Court of Session 4300 *John Hope, r. Solicitor - General, Scotland 2000 Chocks Hope, r. Capt. R.N.

Sir J. hope, r. Col. 72nd Foot 1158

Sir W. J. Hope, r. V. Ad.

William J. hope, r. Capt. R.N.

Charles J. Hope, r. Capt. R.N.

George James Hope, r. Capt. R.N.

Henry hope, r. Capt. R.N.

C. S. J. Ilawtayne, r. Capt. R.N. Frederick Hope, r. Capt. Inf.

HowAun of EFFINGHAM, B. K. A. Howard

Col. 70th Foot 1343

Howard de Walden, B. C. A. Ellis

HOWDEN, B. J. F. Cradock

J. H. Cradock, 5. Maj.

Lord Howden's son was recently attaché to

the Embassy at Paris.

Howe, E. R. W. P. Curzon Howe

* Chamberlain to the Queen The late Lord Howe was Colonel of the 19th

Regiment of Dragoon Guards, Governor of Ber- wick and Holy Island, and Lieutenant-General of the Ordnance, and Governor of Plymouth. HUNTINGDON, E. H. F. Hastings

A Capt. R.N.

Pension Civil List ........ ............ 400

Brothers' and Sisters' Pensions 222 Henry Parker, s.-1. Corn. R.N.

ILCHESTER, E. H. S. Fox Strangways Charles Fielding, b.-I. Capt. R.N. Sir C. Cole, b.-/. Capt. R.N. Stephen D. Strangways, u. Lt.-Col. C. R. Strangways, u. Church Thomas Strangways, c. Capt. Artil. Henry Strangways, c. Church

An Hon. W. F. Strangways was some time Secretary of Legation at Naples.

Jersey, E. George Villiers

Augustus J. Villiers, Cor. H. Gds.

Keith, Bs. Mar. Elphinstone Kenyon, B. George Kenyon 679176 Custos Brev. K. Bench T. Kenyon, b. Fees and compensation for

offices in King's Bench Loyd Kenyon, n. Lt. H. Gds.

Thomas Kenyon, a. Capt. Inf.

Kiss, B. Peter King

Kingston, E. George King, a.

Henry King, b. Maj. Gen. Groom Bed-

chamber 366

Richard King, b. Church 3. W. King, b. Capt. R.N.

Edward Morrison, 6.-1. Col. 13th Foot. Gov.


Kim/00, E. T. R. H. Drummond

Pension per Cents 1000

E. A. Hay, a. Church. (Preb. York) r. Church Edward W. Hay, c. Keep. rec. Lyon Off.


R. W. Hay. c. Under Sec. Home 2000

Thomas Hay, r. Church, (Canon Christ Church, Ox.) W. R. Hay, r. Church, (Prebend. York)

LAKE, V. F. G. Lake Lt.-Gen. Unattached... .£456

Pension for services Lord Bedchamber

'Warwick Lake, b. Agt. for V. D. Land —212100 3050 J. Harvey, s../. Lieut.-Col. Aid-de-camp to the King J. Wardlon-, s.-I. Lfeut -Cal._ LANSDOWNE, M. Henry Petty

Lord Pres. Council 2535

Lauderdale, E. James Maitland Anthony Ma:timid, s. Capt. R.N. John Maitland, .c. Meat: Col. W. M. Maitland, 6. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Win. Houston, 5.4. Lt..Gov.Gibr. X365 Commander-in-Chief Gibraltar... 35110

Croons Bedchamber 366

— 4231 John Maitland, c. Rear-Admiral Fred. Maitland, c. Gen.

Col. Ceylon R. Regt £921 Lt.-Gov. Dominica 368 Lt.-Gov. Dominica 368 1289 Charles Maitland,r. Lieut. R.N. J. Garth, r. Capt. R.N.

Le Despenser, B. Thomas Stapleton, a. Miles John Stapleton, s. Church Leeds, D.

Hercules J. Palrenham, s.-I. Lieut.-Col.

Constable Middleham Castle 46 * Master Horse 3350

Marcjitis Carmarthen, s. Capt. Life Guards His Grace is Lord-Lieutenant of the North Riding of Yorkshire, Ranger of Richmond Forest, and Governor of the Islands of Scilly.

LEINSTER, D. Fitzgerald

G. F. Lyon, r. Capt. R.N.

Lord R. Fitzgerald, u. Late Mitt. Lisbon 1700

Pension C. L 624 — 2324 Lord IL S. Fitzgerald, a. Pens. for service . S00 His sisters, Lady Elizabeth Mary Baker and Lady Emily Henry, have small pensions.

Lilford, B. J. A. Powis Lyttleton Powis, a. Church Richard L.Adains, b.-I. Church Limerick, E. C. H. Pery

Clerk Crown Ireland 405 T. S. Rice, 5.4. Sec. Treas. 3300

John Delab cid, s.-I. Church Lindsey, E. Albemarle Bertie, en.

The present Earl is a minor. His father was a Colonel of the 9th Regiment of Foot, and Governor of Blackness Castle.

LJcrlFra.D, E. Thomas W. Anson Master Staghounds . 2606 George Anson, b. Lieut.-Col. William Anson, 6. Capt. R.N.

Sir G. Anson, a. Col. 4th Drag. Gds

F. H. Anson, c. Lieut. R.N. Sir William Anson, n. Lieut.-Gen. Henry Anson, u. Church Frederick Anson, a. Church Lives-pool, E. C. C. C. Jenkinson The late Lord Liverpool enjoyed place from his boyhood almost even to his death ; and he did not scruple to occupy the inferior places. He was Chairman of the Board of Plantations, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Secre- tary of State for the Home Department, Colo- nial and Foreign Secretary, and First Lord of the Treasury, in turn. He also received the profits of Receiver-General of the Duchy of Lancaster, and Clerk of the Pens in Ireland; and was Reversionary Prothonotary of the County Palatine of Lancaster, and Patent Col- lector of the Customs.

Mr. J. Jenkinson was Assistant Clerk to the Household, and Surveyor of Green Wax at the Court of Exchequer; and Mr. R. Jenkinson was Receiver-General of the Stamp-Office, Regis- trar of Excise, and Lieutenant of Dover Castle.

3396 1500

A Cecil Jenkinson was Under Secretary for the Home Department, and Secretary of Legation at Vienna.

Londonderry, M. C. W. Vane Stewart

*Sir Henry Hardiuge, Sec. War £2180 Col. 1st Regt. York Light Infant. 1200 Pension for wounds 300

The family of the late Lord Castlereagh - shared

the fruits of his power. We find an Hon. E. Stewart Commissioner of the Navy; Lord Stewart, the present Marquis of Londonderry, Ambassador Extraordinary to Austria; an Hon. James Stewart, Assistant Secretary to the Treasury ; James Stewart, Collector of the Cus- toms at Bermuda; Charles W. Stewart, Under Secretary for the Colonies. It is difficult to trace the connexions of the family; and the Stewarts in place are almost innumerable. Lord Castlereagh travelled through the principal ap- pointments of the State : from. Secretary for Ireland he became President of the India Board; Colonial Secretary, Lord of the Admiralty, and finally Foreign Secretary, and, leading Minister of England.

LongArd, E. T. Pakenham H. R. Pakenham, b. Col, Henry Pakenham, b. Church (Archd. Emly) Sir T. Pakenham, b. Admiral

John Pakenham, n. Capt. R.N.

J. Hare, n../. Church R. Pakenham, a. Sec, Leg. Mexico Robert Pakenham, is. Church T. Pakenham, r. Pen. Mast.-Gen. Ordn. L. 1107

Rich. Pakenham, c. Sec. Leg. Mexico.. ... 2825 Lonsdale, E. William Lowther


• Viscount Lowther. s. Woods and Forests 2000 • Sir J. Beckett, s..1. Judge-Adv..Gen..... 2500 Henry Cecil Lowther, s. Col.

Viscount Lowther was lately Commissioner for the Affairs of India, a Lord. of the Admiralty, and Chief Commissioner of the Woods and Forests. The Earl, his Father, is Lord-Lieute- nant of the counties of Westmoreland and Cum- berland, and the Recorder of Carlisle.

Lothian, M. J. W. R. Kerr C. w. J. Kerr, c. Church

Lord SI. R. Kerr, u. R--Ad.

H. R. Pechel, c. Church Lord R. Kerr, u. Ass. Adj.-Gen. Scat.

Sir J. Macleod, r. Lieut.-Gen.

Lyndhurst, B. J. S, Copley

Chief Baron Exch. 7000

To understand this Peer's position, his. late overthrow from office must be noted. As Chan- cellor, his emoluments were twice as much. The present Ministry, with too kind a considera- tion, as events. have proved, placed • him at the head of the. Exchequer Bench. He is-an able judge, and an-active and formidable antagonist.

Lyzeznoon, B.. Thomes;Graliam

Col. 14th Foot £1200 Gov. Dumbarton Castle 164 .

Pension for service 2000

— 3364

LrrTELTON, B. W. H. Lyttelton Macclesfield, E. Geo. Parker

Capt. Yeom. Guard, 1341

The Earl and Countess were formerly Lord and Lady of-the Bedchamber. His Lord. tip las been Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners, a d he still holds the Lieutenancy of Oxfordshire, Malmesbury, E. J. E. Harris

Gov. Isle Wight John Bell, 5.-1-Secretary Gov. C. G. Hope, &c 2000

Manchester, D. W. Montagu

*Postmaster-Gen 00 Duchess Dowager compens. for Collector of.

Customs 2923 Thomas Steele, set. LieutCol. Cold. Gds. .- Visa. Mandeville, Com. R.N.

Lady E. Montagu, Housekeeper Hampton Court P: R. Hockings, r. Capt. R.N. George Montagu, r. Ch. Sir G. Montagu, r. Adm. Sir .1. Gore, r.

G. W. Wronghton, r. Lt.-Col.

Jo. W. Montagu, T. Capt. R.N.

Jas. Montagu, r. Capt. R.N.

The Duke has also filled the office of Collector

of Customs, as well as the Governorship of Ja-

m dm.

Manners, B. Thomas Manners

Late Chancellor of Ireland 3692

cousin of the Duke of Rutland, and brother of the late Archbishop of Canterbury : he has pissed successively through the offices of Solici- tor-General, Chancellor of the County Palatine of Durham, and Chancellor of Ireland.

Mansfield, Bs. Louisa Greville

Mansfield!, E. William Murray Lliereditery Keeper of Scone Castle Countess Mansfield, Pens. 4¢ per Cents 1000 George Murray, b. Major-Gen £492

Auditor of Scotch Exch 1200

— 1692 Charles Murray, 5, Maj. Chas. Rob. Murray, n. Capt. Inf. Henry Murray, b. Lieut.-CoL

Maarrans, H. Ch. H. Pierrepoint

ilalissrapoiat, b. - UWE*. ateebholaal ... 1900

Marlborough, D. George Spencer Churchill

Hereditary Pension 5000

Lord Chas. Spencer, a. Lt.-Col.

Lord H. J. Spencer, s. Capt. R.N. Fred. Chas. Spencer, r. Church

Aubrey Geo. Spencer, r. Church (,Archd. Bermuda)

G. J. T. Spencer, r. Church

His Grace has little influence. The large pos- sessions of the house are heavily encumbered, and little is left beyond the family pension. As Marc-pis of Blandford, he was Commissioner of the Treasury of the nation. Lady Mary Churchill was Housekeeper of Windsor Castle.

Maryborough, B. Will. W. Pole

1M aster Staghounds 2606

Lord Maryborough, like all other members of the Wellesley family, has had a good share both of public influence and public money : he has been a Clerk of the Ordnance, First Secretary

to the Ad. Chief Secretary to the Lord- Lieutenant of Ireland, and Master of the Mint. His Lordship is brother to the Duke of Wel- lington. We believe he assumed the name of Pole on succeeding to some property.

Maynard, V. Hp. Maynard Mayo, E. J. Bourke

Pension Chair. Corn. H. L. I 1332

Richard Bourke, b. Bish. Waterford Jos. Bourke, b. Church (Dean Ossory) G. J. Bourke, b. Church T. Sotheby, 6.-i. Adm.

MeaTu, E. John Brabazon MELBOURNE, V. William Lamb

Secretary State Home Aff 6000 Comm. Board of Control 1500

Sir Frederick Lamb, b. Ambass. Vienna 15000 Geo. Lamb, b. Und. Secretary State 2000 Melville, V. Robert Dundas

• First Lord Admiralty £5000 Scotch Privy Seal 2675

"Dundas" may be almost used as synonymous with " a holder of office." It seems to have been necessary for many years past that the name should be found in every grade of every public department. Besides the great Scottish chief who was President of the Board of Con- trol, and First Lord of the Admiralty for many

years, we have—

A. Dundas, Secretary at War; Lord. Privy Seal of Scotland David Derides, a General Officer; Governor of Landgua-d Fort R. Dundas, Lord Advocate; Joint Keeper of the Registrar of Sasines ; Joint Keeper of the Signet. &c.

R. Dundas sanders, also Joint Keeper James Dundas, Deputy Director of the Chan- iery of Scotland Major-General Francis Hondas, Lieutenant Governor of the Cape of Good Hope

Hon. W. Dundas, Seoretary-at-War.

Philip Dundas;Governot of.Prince of Wales' Island Peter Dundas, Commissioner of Excise

George Dundas, Commissioner of the Navy

at Bombay H. Dundas, s. Major, and Storek. Ordnance R. S. Dundas, s. Capt. R.N.

Robert Hondas, s. Commiss. Navy William Dundas, b. Scotch Sinecures..... 3300

ilsruma, B. H. W. A. Ellis

Middleton, B. Henry Willoughby, a. Digby Willoughby, c. Com. R.N.

lIidleton, V. George Brodrick, a.

George Brodrick, 76. Church William J. Brodrick, n. Church J. A. Maude. n..1. Capt. R.N. H: de Tolly, n.-I. Major-Gen. J. Brodrick, b. Lieut.-Gen.

Virtsvo, E. Gilbert Elliot

Pension Civil List 938

George Elliot, b. Secretary Admiralty 3000 Gov. Mint (Scotland)

The Earl has been Ambassador at Vienna, Governor-General of Bengal, and President of ..he Board of Control. The Honourable J. Elliot was his private secretary as Governor- General ; and the Honourable W. Elliot has been Under. Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury.

Monson, B. F. J. Monson Thomas Monson, g. u. Church J. J. J. Monson, r. Church Montagu, B. H. J. M. Scott MONTFORT, B. Henry Bromley Montrose, D. James Graham

• Lord Chamberlain £3053 Lord Just. Gen. Scot 2000 — 5053

• Marquis Graham. Commiss. Board of

Control 1500

His Grace was also Lord Justice-General of Scotland, Master of the Horse, President of the Board of Trade, a judge, a courtier, and a mi- ulster ; and proved himself equally efficient in all posts.

Moray, E. Francis Stuart, a.

James Stuart, s. Capt. Inf.

Moamar, E. J. Parker Morton, E. George Douglas Charles Douglas, b. Church A. J. Douglas, b. Lieut. R.N.

Mountcashel, E. Stephen Moore Robert Moore, b. Lieut..Col. *W. Y. Peel, b.-1. Under Sec. State ... 2000

*Lord Treasury .£1000

— 3000'

E. G. Moore, b. Church

Mount Edgecumbc, E. Richard Edgecumbe

G. Edgecumbe, s. Sec. Leg. Switzerland

The Captaincy of the Gentlemen Pensioners has been held by this nobleman.

'Unix:navai E. Henry Phipps C. B. Phipps, b. Capt. Foot Guards

E. Phipps, u. Col. 2nd 60th Rest. £782

Clerk Deily. Ord. 1018 — 1800 The father of the present Earl Mulgrave en- joyed many valuable appointments. Amongst them were the Chancellorship of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Foreign Secretaryship, the Office of Master-General of. the Ordnance, Governor- ship of Scarborough, First Lord of the Admiralty, and the Colonelcy of a Regiment of Foot. The Dowager Lady Mulgrave enjoys a pension of 8001. a year. An Honourable Augustus Phipps was Deputy Paymaster of the Forces at Gib- raltar, and a Commissioner of Excise; and Lieutenant-General Edmund Phipps was Pay- master of the Marines.

MuNsran, E. G. Fitzclarence

Pensions for Self and Brothers on the Civil List Lord A. Fitzclarence. Yeom. Robes

NAPIER, B. W. J. Napier

Lord of the Bedchamber Oscar \V. Kilvington, 6.-1. Church

Charles Napier, b. Maj.

Charles Napier, r. Capt. R.N. T. E. Napier, r. Lieut.-Col.

Mark Napier, r. Col.

T. H. Yorke, r. Church Ch. J. Napier, r. Insp. F. 0. Mil. Ionian

Isles George T. Napier, r. Col. Aid. King W. F. P. Napier, r. Lieut..Col.

Henry Edward Napier. Corn. R.N.

ILO 1200.

Netsow, E. William Nelson In the Church (Preb. Canter.)

Pension because of Brother's services .. 5000-

Sir W. Bolton, Capt, R.N. 'Arthur Davies, n.-1. Lieut. R.N. Henry Girdlestone, n.-1. Church Edward Blankley, n.-l. Com. R.N.

H. W. Mason, n.-1. Lieut. R.N. Lady Nelson, 4.-1. Pension- 2000 Newcastle, D. Henry P. P. Clinton *Dowager Duchess, Pension E. List 780 Sir William H. Clinton, r. Col. 55th Foot nos.

Sir Henry Clinton, r. Col. 3rd Foot 1204 C. J. Clinton, r. Church. J. Webber, r. Church (Preb. Westm.)

NORFOLK, D. B. E. Howard' NORTHAMPTON, M. S. J. A. Compton

The Marquis is Recorder of Northampton'. A Thomas Compton is to be found in the list of Jerquers, a check office of the Customs.

Northumberland, a Hugh Percy *Lord-Lieut. Ireland 23153.

Northwick, B. J. Rushout, a.

George Rushout, b. Church

O'NEII., E. C. H. O'Neil

*Irish Postmaster General 1380 J. B. R. O'Neil. Major-Gen. Constable Dublin Castle 300

Orrstow, E. A. G. Onslow

George Walton Onslow. r. Church Arthur 0 nslow, r. Church

Richard Onslow, c. Church

J. N. Creighton Onslow, r. Capt. Light Drag.

.1. J. Onslow, r. Corn. R.N.

R. F. Onslow, r. Church (Archdeacon Worces.) Arthur C. Onslow, r. Church

R. W. Ingram, r. Church George Onslow, T. Pension C. L 81

Arthur Onslow, r. Pension C. L. 81

Orford, E. Horace Walpole

John Walpole, b. Lieut.-Col.

Sir W. Hoste, b.-1. Capt. R.N.

Robert Walpole, r. Light Rifle Brig.

*Edward Onslow, r. Priv. Sec. to Chan.

Excheq. £900 Slaking up In. Ace. 300 — 1200 Robert Walpole, r. Church

The Earl of Orford, as Lord Walpole, was. Se- cretary of Legation at St. Petersburg, Com- missioner of the Affairs of India, and a Lord of the Admiralty. An Honourable R. Walpole was Clerk of the Council ; and an Honourable G. Walpole Under Secretary in the Foreign De- partment.

OItMONDE, M. J. W. Butler OXFORD, E. Edward Harley — Bacon, s..l. Capt. Inf. Alfred Harley, s. Lieut. Inf.

Pembroke and Montgomery, E. R. H. Her- bert, a.

Perna B. W. H. F. Petre Bak Tholawaetre, b. Lient. Lase.. PLUNKET, B. W. C. Plunket

Chancellor of Ireland 9834

Thomas Plunket, s. Church Dar. Plunket, b. Proth. K. B. Ireland 1384 William ffiunket, b. Church Robt. Plunket, b. Church Sir F. L. Blosse, b.-1. Church Plymouth, E. a A. Windsor

Andrews Windsor, u. Church

POMFRET, E. George Fermor Thus. W. Fermor, b. Lt.-Gen.

PONSONUT, B. John Ponsonby

Envoy Rio de Janeiro 4631

PONsONBY, B. John Ponsonby Envoy at Brazil 4681 Richard Ponsonby, b. Bishop Killaloe Geo. Ponsonby, b. Under Secretary , PORTLAND, D. W. H. C. S. Bentinck Lord George Bentinck, s. Maj.

Lord W. H. C. Bentinck, Gov.-Gen.

India .. circa 30000

Clerk Pipe . 1131 Col. 11th Lt. Dragoons 8511 — 33641

W. H. E. Bentinck, c. Church, (Preb. West.) Clerk Signet Office

C. A. F. Bentinck, r. Lt.-Col. Cold. Gds. H. J. W. Bentinck, r. Capt. Cold. Gds. Sir J. H. Whitehed, r. Adm. Sir R. J. Milnes, r. Pen. Civ. List ....... • • • 557 Sir G. Martin, r. Adm. Lady S. Bentinck, r. Pension C. L 233

C. Greville. b.-1. Comp. Cash Excise £600 Receiver-Gen. Taxes, Nottingham . 600

Secretary Island of Tobago ........ 350 Late Naval Officer of Demerara ... 500 — 2050

C. C. F. Greville, n. Clerk of Council 2000 Secretary and Clerk of Insolvents

in the Island of Jamaica 3000 — .5000 Algernon Greville, n. Major Late Secretary of the Duke of Wellington, with a retiring Pension of 250

Besides the nominal appointment of Ranger of Sherwood Forest, his Grace has enjoyed the offices of First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Pre- sident of the Council, and a Secretary of State. Lord William Cavendish Bentinck has been Clerk of the Pipe, Treasurer of the Household, Go- vernor of Madras, and is now Governor-General of India. A William Bentinck has been Go- vernor of St. Vincent, Auditor-General at the Cape. - An H. W. Bentinck, Vendue-Master at Demerara; Lord Charles Bentinck, Treasurer of the Household ; Henry Bentinck, Governor of Demerara ; Charles Bentinck, Governor of Suni. xiam ; and a Reverend William Harry E. Ben-

thick, Chief Clerk to the Signet Office,

Portsmouth, E. J. C. Wallop, a. J. C. Churchill, b..1. Church

Henry Wake, . Church

W. Wallop, a " Ierquer," a Check. Officer of the Customs.

Poulett, E. John Poulett George Poulett, a. Capt. H. M. S.

Prince Regent £800 Late Rec.-Gen.. Taxes 400

— 1200

Fowls, E. Edward Clive Robert Clive, 5. Lieut.-col.

Prudhoe, B. Algernon Percy Captain R.N.

QUEEN,D3ERRY, M. C. Douglas

Sir J. I. Beckwith, b.-1. Maj.-Gen. James Sholto Douglas, a Maj. Sir J. Douglas, r. Dep. Quar. M. Gen, Ireland Sholto Douglas, r. /tfaj. InE Thomas Newton, r. Church

William Douglas, r. maj.-Gen. J. E. Douglas, r. V. Adm.

RADNOR, E. W. P. Bouverie

E. P. Buckley, s.-/. Lieut.-Col. Gr. Gds.

D. P. Bouverie, b. Capt. R.N. F. P. Bouverie, b. Church (Canon Salisbury) Edward Bouverie, c. Church (Prebend. Solis- bufy)

William A. Bouverie, r. Church E. William Bouverie, r. Capt. Horse Guards John Bouverie, r. Church (Prebend. Lincoln) Edw. Bouverie, r. Church (Can. Christ Ch. Ox.)

I. H. M. Luxmore, r. Church (Prebend. St. A saph)

H. J. Bouverie, r. Com. Cus.

F. C. Bouverie, c. Pen. C. L

A. R. Bouverie, r. Pen. C. L. .. Sir H. F. Bouverie, r. General Northern District Unattached pay as Majorin Cold- stream Guards 700 1575

RANFURLEY, E. Thomas Knox E. S. Pery Knox, s. Capt. R.N. James Knox, s. Lieut.-Col.

R. N. Horner, n.-1. Church

E. F. Knox, 7s. Church William Knox, b. Bish. Derry,

Jas. S. Knox, n. Church William Knox, n. Church

Edmund Knox, b. Church (Dean Downe) This family enjoys judicial pensions. The present Earl and his Son V. Knox are Pro- thonotaries of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, the emoluments of which are set down at the enormous sum of 7,1501. Another Son,

Knox, is son-in-law of General the Earl of 1400 82 000

Kilmorey, Colonel of the 86th Foot, the pay and emoluments of which are returned as 1,1201.

Ravensworth, B. J. B. Liddel George Liddel, s. Capt. R.N.

Rayleigh, Bs. Ch. M. Ger. Strutt

Redesdale, B. John T. Mitford Henry Mitford, r. Capt. R.N.

Hittord, r. Commr. Inquiry, Ireland.., 1200

The late Lord Redesdale was Chancellor of Ireland, and for many years enjoyed the retiring pension of 4,0001.

Ribblesdale, B. Thomas Lister J. F. Parker, 5..1. Church RICHMOND, D. Charles Lennox Postmaster-General Sir Peregrine Maitland, b.-1. Maj.-Gen.

Late Capt. Life Guards £500 Gov. Nova Scotia 6094

Colonel of I W. Regt , 700 Lord J. G. Lennox, b. Lieut.-Col. *Lawrence Peel, b.-1. Com. Board Control.. Lord W. P. Lennox, b. Capt. H. Guards Lady J. L. Ros, r. Pen. C. L

Lady M. Fitzroy, r. Pen. C. L... .

Lady L. M. Lennox, s. Pen. C. L Rivers, B. H. W. Beckford Roden, E. Robert Joscelyn • Lord Bedchamber . 1200 *Pension Auri. Irish Exchequer Walter Bore, c. Church

Percy Joscelyn, u. Church

Rodney, B. George Rodney Hereditary Pension 2923 Spencer Rodney, b. Church Henry Rodney, b. Church (Preb. Heref.) William Rodney, b. Sec. Compt. N. Accts.

7294 1500

200 200 446

John Rodney, u. Sec. Ceylon 3200 G. B. Handy, u.-1. A. Rodney, a. Pen. C. L 771 Rolle, B. John Rolle ROMNEY, E. Charles Marsiam Jacob Marsham, a. Church (Can. Wind,

Preb. Roch.)

Charles Horsham, c. Church

William Style, c.-/. Capt. R.N.

II. S. Horsham, c. Corn. R.N.

ROSEBERY, E. A. J. Primrose J. Shepherd, b.-1. Corn. Bankrupts 400

Rosse, E. Lawrence Parsons

William Parsons, b. Church Rosslyn, E. J. St. Clair Erskine

ow. 9th Lancers et415 Director of Scotch Chancery 1852 • Lord Privy Seal 2193

Lord Loughborough, s. Clerk Chancery

Scot 1136 419

Henry F. Capt. Ft. Gds.

Rutland, D. J. H. Manners , Lord C. S. Manners,b. Maj.-Gen. Lord R. W. Manners, b. Lieut.-CoL Drag. T. bf. Sutton, r. Church (Preb. Westm.) George M. Sutton, r. Com. R.N.

Charles AL Sutton, r. Speaker H. Corns.... James Croft, r. Church (Arch. Cant.) Rich. Lockwood, r. Church (Preb. Peterbo.)

ST. ALBANS, D. W. A. de V. Beauclerk James Burgess, u../. Church

Lord A. Beauclerk, u. Vice-Admiral Lord F. Beauderk, a. Church John Beauclerk, r. Com. Bankrupts Aub. W. Beauclerk, r. Major Inf.

St. Germans, E. William Eliot *Lord Eliot, a. Lord Treasury 1000 G. Martin, s. 1. Church (Can. Exeter, Chan. Do.) Sir W. Pringle, n.-1. Major-Gen.

St. Helens, B. Alleyne Fitzherbert

Lord of Bedchamber 1250 Richard Henry Fitzherbert, r. Lieut. Rifle Brig.

St. John, B. St. Andrew B. St. John, a. John Foster, c.-1. Church Sir J. Vaughan, f.-1. Baron Exchequer 5516 Albert Pell, c../. Judge Bankruptcy Court

Sir Henry Raiford,

E. B. St. John, c. Church J. F. S. F. St. John, r. Church (Prebend Wore.)

J. F. St. John, r. Church R. T. St. Aubyn, r. Church

Harm. Vavasour, r. Church

H. St. Andrew St. John, r. Church

R. F. St. John, r. Lieut. Aral. George St. John, r. Church Thomas Borne, r. Church

Henry St. John, r. Pension C. L 101

ST. VINCENT, V. E. J. Jervis Pension on Cons. Fund 3000 E. Palmer, o.-t. Capt. R.N.

Salisbury, M. J. B. W. Cecil Sandwich, E. J. W. Montagu, m. Sandys, Bs. Mary Hill SAYE and SELF. G. W. Twisleton Fred. Twisleton, n. Church (Preb. Heref.) Scarborough, E. Richard Lumley J. Lumley S. Lumley, b. Church (Preb. York) Thomas Caton, n.-1. Church Sir W. Lumley, b. Colonel 6th Drag £911

Pension for Service 400

Groom Bedchamber 366




Scarsdale, B. Nath. Curzon Alfred Curzon, s. Church Francis Curzon. 5: Church Henry Curzon, b. V.-Ad.

SEAFORD, B, Ch. Rose Ellis SEGRAVE, B. W. F. Berkeley M. F. F. Berkeley, h. Capt. R.N. C. F. 11. Berkeley, b. Lieut. Life Gds.

8. Little, r. Church

Sir G. H. P. Crantield, r. Col. Sir J. H. Hardy, r. Rear-Admiral, R.N.

SELSEY, B. Henry J. Peachey A Capt. R.N. John William, b. Church Shaftesbury, E. Cropley Ash. Cooper Chairman Committees H. Lds 300G- *Lord Ashley, s. Corn. Bd. Control . ..... 1500

SHANNON, E. Henry Boyle

Pen. as Clerk Pells (Ireland) 3133 Sheffield, E. G. A. F. C. Holroyd SHERBORNE, B. John Dutton

SHREWSBURY, E. John Talbot Josiah Labord, r. Church

Sidinouth, V. Henry Addington

Pension arm Com. Land-Tax and Dep. Rang.. Rich. Park

William Leonard Addington, s. Church Henry Cowin Addington, n. Minis. Frankft. 3802 Sinclair, B. Charles Sinclair James Sinclair, s. Capt. F. Gds.

Skelmersdale, B. E. B. Wilbraham Edward B. Wilbraham, s. Lt. Cold. Gds.

SLIGO, M. H. P. Browne Robert Pakenham, c-1. Church

— Lindsay, r. Major — Browne, r. Lt.-Col.

Somers, E. J. S. Cocks, a.

James Somers, s. Church (Prebend. Heref.) George Waddington, c.-/. Church Sir J. N. Harris, c.-1. V.-Adm. Sir NV. Hargood, c.-/.

SOMERSET, D. E. A. Seymour F. E. Seymour, r. Corn. R.N. E. W. Seymour, r. Lieut. R.N. SONDES, B. L. R. Watson Henry Watson, b. Church Richard Watson, b. Capt. Huss.

Southampton, B. Charles Fitzroy Humphry Allen, b.-1. Church Henry Fitzroy, b. Cornet D. Gds. Charles Fitzroy, u. Col. 25th Foot William Fitzroy, u. Gen. W. S. H. Fitzroy, c. Capt. Inf. Ch. W. H. G. Fitzroy, c. Lieut. R.N.

Srancan, E. G. J. Spencer Vis. Althorp. s. Chan. Exchequer...

Com. B.C.

F. Spencer, S. Capt. R.N. George Spencer,s.. Church

STAFFORD, M. G. G. L. Gower *Lord F. L. Gower. Sec., Ireland 4823- E. Gower, r. Lieut. Ft. Gds. Granville Gower, c. Church •

5219 1509

— 6719- STAFFORD, B. G. W. Jerningham 6000 Edw. Jerningham, s. Lieut. D. Gds. Ch. W. Jerningham, s. Lieut. D.

Stamford and LK:erring ton, E.

Auchitel Grey, b. Church Charles Mytton, c.-/. Church Thomas Clarke, c.-l. Church

400 STounTox, B. W. Stourton

G. H. Grey

Stowell, B. W. Scott Late Judge Adm. Court

Stradbroke, E. J. E. C. Rous, a.

Sir H. Hotham, 5.-1. Vice-Ad. Henry J. Rous, b. Capt. R.N.

Stranyford, V.

Pens. as retired Ambassador...... 2300.

Mother on Civil List 500 Sisters ditto 222 Self ditto 88 -- 810 STUART DE ROTHSAY, B, Ch. Stuart *Ambassador at Paris ..... 11000


Henry W. Howard, s. Lt. Inf.

Sydney, V. J. T. Townshend Ranger of St. James's and Hyde Parks Georgian a Townshend, s. Housekeeper Windsor C. H. G. P. Howard, Lt. Ft. Gds. Dep. Rang. St. James's and Hyde Parks.

Talbot, E. Ch. Chet. Talbot V. Ingestrie, s. Capt. R.N. Henry G. Talbot, r. Church Charles Talbot, r. Corn. R.N. H. Every, r. Lt. L. Gds. A. P. Clayton, r. Church G. Talbot, r. Ens. Inf.

Tankerville, E. C. A. Benett When Lord Ossulston, Treasurer of the, Household.

Tenterden, B. Charles Abbott Ch. Just. K. B T. H. Abbott, s. Mae. and. A. K. B. R*0298: Thomas Abbott, a. Clerk at N. P. K. B.,. 1000 TEYNHAM, B. Henry F. Roper Thomas Roper, a. Com. R.N. J. H. Roper, s. Lieut. Inf.

E. 11. Roper, s. Lieut. R.N. Ph. H. Roper, c. Col.

TIIANET, E. Charles Tufton Hereditary Sheriff of Westmoreland.

Thomond, M. W. O'Brien F. Hotham, L./. Capt. R.N. Lord J. O'Brien, 5. Rear-Adm.

W. Saurin, b..1. (Long Attorney-General

Ireland) William Spooner, r. Church

Thurlow, B. E. J. Thurlow, m.

T. Thurlow, u. Patentee for Bankrupts 8502 Proth. C. P. Co. Durham E. S. Thurlow, r. Church (Preb. Norwich) E. J. Thurlow, r. Church

IL R. Thurlow, r. Ens. Inf.

Another specimen of judicial " jobbing." It is not enough that the pay should be adequate during the life of the holder of the judgeship, but his children must be put in offices, however useless. How many generations of Judges are we not paying now ? There are the Thur. lows, the Kenvons, the Ellenboroughs, the El- dons, the \Vvnfords, the Manners, the Redes- dales, the Avonmores, the Cowpers, the Gif- fords, the Knoxes, the Fitzgibbons, the Lough- boroughs—shall we have any more of them?

Torringtim, V. George Byng, m. Vice-Admiral Blue Eclat. Byng, b. Corn. Audit Office 1000 H. I). Byng, b. Capt. U.N.

F. G. Byng, 5. Sen. Clerk For. Of.

— Horriby, 5.-1. Church Cohn Campbell, 5..1. Church

Sir J. Byng, r. Master of Kiltnaln. H. £350 Col. 29th Foot 593 *Corn. Forces Ireland 2s60

- 3S09

G. S. Byng, r. Capt. Rifle Brig. C. Ramsden, r. Capt. Inf.

Townshend, M. G. F. Townshend, a. Robert Ribsdale, c.-1. Church A. W. J. Clifford, c.-1. Capt. R.N. G. Osborne, c.-/. Church W. Loftus, ad. Col. 2nd Drag. Gds £1579

Lieut. Tower

—746 2325

Lord F. P. Townshend, R. Church J. N. B. B. Townshencl. u. Capt. R.N.

Edward Townshend, r. Chinch

The late Marquis wasa Colonel of the Dragoon Guards, and Governor' of Jersey ; Lady Geor- gians Townshend, Housekeeper of Windsor Castle ; and Lord John Townshend, Paymaster of the Forces.

Tweeddale, M. George Hay J. H. Ley, 5.-1. Clerk H. C 0500 Lord J. Hay, b. Lieut.-Col. Gren. Guards Lard J. Hay, b. Capt. R.N. Lord E. G. Hay, b. Major Aid Com. Ch. Ireland

James Hay, r. Capt. R.N.

VERNON, B. G. C. V. Vernon Henry Vernon, b. Lieut.-Col. Gren. Gds. J. Vernon, 5. Church (Preb. of Southwelp Edo'. V. Vernon, a. Archly. of York G. G. Vernon, c. Chan. and Comm. of Dio- cese of York

Levesnn Vernon, c. Church (Archd. Cleve- land, &c.)

William Vernon, c. Church (Can. of York) F. E. Vernon, c. Capt. R.N. H. Vernon, c. Gren. Guards 0. H. C. Vernon, c. Capt. R.N. Francis Vernon, c. Capt. Gren. Guards Ferulam, E. J. W. Grimston iriddegnive, E. J. J. Waldegrave

*Lord of the Bedchamber

Wallace, B. Thomas Wallace

*Commiss. Board Control 1000

Walsingham, B. T. de Grey

Church (Arch. Surry, &c.)

The late Lord was a Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st Dragoons, and Comptroller of the First Fruits.

Warwick, E. H. R. Greville

Lord Bedchamber 1200

Sir Ch. J. Greville, b. Maj.-Gen. W. F. Greville, r. Capt. R.N. Algernon Greville, r. Pens. C. L. James Greville, r. Church C. C. F. Crevilie, r. Cik. Privy C. ...£2000

See. Enrol. Jamaica 3000 - 5000 C. Greville, r. Comptl. Excise 600 Receiver Taxes, Notts. 600 Secy. Tobago 350 Late Nay. OIL Demerara 500

Waterford, III. Henry de la Poer Beresford, m.

Baron Decies, (I. B.) r. Church

Lord J. G. Beresford, u. Arch. Armagh

Sir J. W. II. Bridges, u.-1. Major

Lord G. It. Beresford, u. Col. 3d Drag. 425

*Compt. Housh. 903

— 1328 George Beresford, r. Bp. Kilmore

Marcus George, r. Church John Claudius, r. Pension 2157 Sir George F. Hill, r. Pension Clerk I. H. C £2091 Governor St. Lucia 2500

Lady Hill, Pension... 24670 — 5058 Charles Cohhe Beresford, r. Church

• Henry Barre Beresford, r. Pension ..... 2157 Catherine Pelham, r. Pensioner C. L 283 250 2500

WELLESLEY, M. R. Wellesley Conjoined with R. Wellesley as late Chief Retnembrancer Exchequer, Ireland 5387 *Duchess, d. Mornington, m. Civil List E. 600 Gerald Valerian Wellesley, b. Church (Preb. Durham) Lady A. C. Smith, s. Pen. C. L 600

Arth. Richard Wellesley, n. Capt. R. Brig G. D. St. Quin, n.-1; Church

The Marquis has held numerous lucrative of- fices: amongst others may be mentioned the Governor-Generalship of India, and the Lord- Lieutenancy of Ireland.

Wellington, D. Arthur Wellesley cot. 1st F. Gds. £2695

Col.-in-Chief Rif. Brig. 238 Constable Tower 950 Pension for service 4000 Lord W. Cinque Ports 420905 Interest on grants 35000 First Lord Treasury

5000 48178

Marquis Douro, a. Lt. H. Gds.

Lord Ch. Wellesley, s. Cornet H. Gds.

Including the grants and the annual payments received and to be received from the public, it is probable that one generation of the Wellesley family will have received upwards of two millions of the public money. It may be said that the money has been earned. Without entering into this question, as regards the Duke, we may ob- serve that the services of a plebeian and a patri- cian are estimated at a different rate. The Nel- son family has perhaps received altogether some- what more than two hundred thousand pounds. Now, without detracting in the slightest degree from the splendid military achievements of the Duke, it will not be pretended that they were more useful to the state than the naval exploits of the Earl. Failure in the Peninsula, defeat at Waterloo, would have been disastrous—but what had we been worsted at the Nile or Trafalgar ? Wemyss, E. Francis Wemyss, a.

.1. Wildman, 8.-1. Maj.

Will. Trail, a..1. Church WES= INSTER, M. R. Grosvenor Robert Grosvenor, s. Coin. Household 920 Westmoreland, E. John Forte Lord Burghersh, s. Major-Gen.

Envoy Tuscany . . 3900

II. S. Fane, s. Capt. Inf. Sir Hy. Pane, c. John Michel, r. Lt.-Gen.

Edward Fane,r. Church (Prebend. Lin. and Salisb.) *C. Arbuthnot, r. Chaise. Duchy of Lanc.

— 111 ld may Pane, r. Lt.-Col. R. G. C. Fane, r. Corn. Bankrupts 400 F. W. Fane, r. Capt. R.N.

T. Drake, r. Dep. Corn. Ionian Islands

J. 1'. Hamilton, r. Lt.-Col.

Lord Westmoreland was Lord Privy Seal in 1800, and continued to hold it till 1806, when it was held for about two years by Lords Sidmouth and Holland successively. From that time to the accession of the Canning Administration in 1827, he enjoyed this snug and lucrative appoint- ment. His daughter married the Earl of Jersey. Wharnchle, B. J. A. S. Wortley Charles S. Wortley, s. Capt. Inf.

The eldest son, the Hon. J. Stuart Wortley was Secretary to the Board of Control during the Wellington Administration—training for higher place in expectancy.

Tricklow, E. William Howard Francis Howard, 5. Church J. W. Arnold, 6.-1. Church

Boleyne Howard, u. Church Thomas Fiore, u.-/. Church

Willoughby de Broke, B. H. P. Verney Robert Barnard, b.-1. Church (Prebend. 'Winch.) Willoughby de Eresby, B. P. R. Burrell Wilton, E. Thomas Egerton WINCHESTER, M. C. J. Paulet

Groom of the Stole E. Wiltshire, s. Lient..Col.

Lord George Paulet, s. Corn. R.N. Lord William Paulet, s. Capt. 63rd Foot William Ramsdell, s.-1. Capt. R.N.

Lord Frederick Panlet, s. Lient. Foot Gds.

Lord H. Paulet, b. vice.Adm.

Groom of the Stole and First Lord of the Bed- chamber in 1812.

Ifinchilsea and Nottingham, B. G. Finch D. H. Finch Hatton, b. Church A. C. Lawrence, 5.-1. Church J. E. D. E. Finch Hatton, u. Offices £293

in Ex Retired Cora. Stamps 600 — 892

Groom of the Stole from 1804 to 1812. G. Hatton, Gentleman Usher of the Privy Cham- ber ; and Edward Finch Hatton, Paymaster of the Widows' Pensions.

Wodehouse, B. J. Wodehouse, a.

Ed. Wodehouse, g.-s. Lieut. R.N. Berkeley Wodehouse, g..s. Capt. Drag. Philip Wodehouse, s. Rear-Adm.

Armine Wodehouse, s. Church

William Wodehouse, s. Church

Philip Wodehouse, n. Lieut.-Col.

Charles N. Wodebouse, a. Church (Preb.


Nich. Wodehouse, n. Lieut.-Col. Inf.

Nath. Wodehouse, a._ (Church Wynford, B. W.D. Best

Salary retired Judge 3750

Thomas Best, s. Corn. R.N. IV. F. Martin, s.-/. Capt. R.N. J. C. Best, s. Lieut. Inf.

VARBOROUGE, B. Ch. And. Pelham Zouche, Bs. Harriet Curzon G. R. Pechel, 0.-1. Capt. R.N.