19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 16


IMO names printed in CAPITALS are those of Reformers. The Anti-Reformers are printed in Italics. Those who gave no vote on the Reform Division arc printed in the ordinary Roman character. The letters A and B, attached to the names of Boroughs, denote that they are to be found either in Schedule A or Schedule II of the Bill. The slashes in the lust column denote that the Representatives of the lord of liar place were thrown out by the People in the lust General Election.] Names of Patrons. Places. Members retunterl. ANGLESEA, M. of. Milborne.Port,A.111r. G. S. Byng Aylesbury, M. of..Marlbordugh, &Dlr. W. J. Bankes

Mr. T. Estcourt Great Bedwin, A.Mr. J. J. Buxton Sir J. Nichol

Bath, Marquis of .Weobley, A Lord K Tilynne

Lord H. Thynne

Bandon, Earl Pandonbridgc Lord Bernard Bathurst. Lord ...Cirencester Lord Ansley Beaufort, D. of... Monmouth Marq.of Worcester

Benroan,D. of ...Tavistock Dir. J. Hawkins Lord J. Russell

Balcarras, E. of.. Wigan Mr. J. Ir. Kearsley Beverley, Earl of „Beeralston, A Mr. D. Lyon

Lord Lovaine

Brista, Mar. of ...Bury St. Mims Earl Jertnyn /frown/ow, Earl... Clitheroe, B Hon. P. F. Cust Buckingham, D....Buckingham, B Sir T. Freemantle

Sir G. Nugent St. Dlawes, A Sir E. Sugden Mr. G. W. Pigott Winchester Mr. J. B. East

Bate, Marquis—. Cardiff ...... Lord J. Stuart

Caledon, Lord ....Old Sarum, A Mr. J. Alexander Mr. J.1). Alexander

C althorpe, Lord... Bramber, A Mr. W. S. Dugdale Hindon, A Mr. J. Weyland Carrington, Lord . Wendover, A Mr. S. Smith

Dlr. A. Smith

CARLISLE, E. of.. Morpeth Hon. W. Ilo..vard Castlemaine, Lord.A thlone Mr. H. Handeock Charlerille, Earl.. Carlow ....Lord Tullam ore Chotmondeteg,BL.. Castle Rising, A Ld. Cholmondeley CLARENDON, Ld. .WoottonBassett.Lord Slahon CLEVEtAxv,M....Camelford, A ... Dlr. Si. Milbank

Mr. S. Cradock Ilchester, A Dr. Lushington Hon. E. Petre Winchelsea, A Mr. J. Williams

CLIFFORD, Ld. de.Kinsale Captain J. Russell CLINTON, Lord... Ashburton, B Delawarr, Earl ...E. Grinstead,B. Mr. F. It. West

Visct. Holm esdale

DEVONSHIRE, D..Derby Mr. W. Cavendish Duval-rota Hon. Geo. Lamb

• Knaresborough Lord Watcrpark Sir J. Mackintosh

Yonghall Hon. G. Ponsonby DONEGAL. H. Of.. Belfizst Sir A. Chichester DoWNSIlla n, M... Carrickfirgus Lord G. A. Hill

LIVNDAS, Lord ...Richmond, 13 111r. I. C. Dundas Sir R. L. Dundas

Edgccumbe, E.111t.lnympton, A Sir C. Doraville

Lostwithiel, A Mr. E. Cust Lord Valletort Egremont, E. of ..New Shoreham .Sir C. Burrell

Ely, Marquis of . . Wealbrd Lord.Ennishillen Hon. A. II. C- ole

Excter, Marq. of..Staniford Lord T. Cecil

Falmouth, Earl of.Truro Lord Encom- be

Mr. N. W. Peach St. Michael's, A.Hon. L. Kenyon Hon. W. Best Firz wItti A )1, E..Malton Mr. H. J. Ponsonby

Mr. H. G. Knight

Peterborough Mr. Fazakerly Sir R. Heron Hig. Ferrers, A. Viscount Howick FOLEY, Lord Droitwich, B ... Mr. J. H. Foley Sir T. Winnington

Forester, Lord Wenlock Dlr. G. Forester

Mr. P. B. Thomson

GRAFTON, D. of.. Bury St. Edmds.C. A. Fitzroy

Thetford, B. Lord J. Fitzroy

Crantlty, Lord.... Guildford, B Dlr. C. F. Norton Goilriforrl, E. of...Banbury

Ilardwirke, E. of...Reigate, B Capt. J. Yorke llure.wood, E. of...Northallerton Lascelles Sir J. Beresford

Ham malty, E. of... Tiverton Dlr. S. Perceval

Mr. G. D. Ryder

Hertford, Mar. of. Bodmin, B Mr. H. B. Seymour Lisburne Mr. Henry illeynell

Orford, A Mr. T. H. Kilderbee

Sir H. F. Cooke

Aldburgh, A Mr. J. W. Croker Marquis of Douro

Heytesbury, Lord.Heytesbury, A Mr. E. IL A'Court

Sir G. Staunton

Hon-c, Earl Clitberoe, B .11on.R. Curzon

Huntinglield, Ld. Dnnwich, A E. of Brecknock

Kilmorey, Earl ...Newry Hon. J. H. Knox LANSDOWNE, H.. Caine Colonel Fox

Mr.T. B. illacanley

Leeds, D uke of....Helstone, B Ld. J. Townshend Mr. S. L. Fox

Litchfield, E Litchfield ..... Sir G. Anson

Lonsdale, Earl of Haslemere, A ...Sir J. Beckett Mr. W. Holmes

Cockermouth, B.Sir J. Scarlett Col. Lowther Carlisle Appleby, A Vis. Maitland MAN YE R s, E. of.. Bassetlaw Lord Newark

Marlborough, D.... Woodstock, A Lord Stormont Lord S.C. Churchill

Middleton, Lord..Newark

Monson, Lord Gatton, A Hon. J. Ashley

Via. Pollington Names of Patron. Plates Members returned.

Mum:RAN' 13, E....Scarborough Hon. E. Phipps

Newcastle, D. of...Aldborough, B Mr. J. P. C. Clinton

Mr. M. T. Sadler

Borougbbridge,ASir C. Wetherell Mr. M. Attwood Bassetlatv Newark Near or.s, D. of .. New Shoreham Mr. H. Howard Steyning, A Mr. G. R. Phillips Mr. E. Blount Horsham Fad of Surry Mr. N. W. Colborne HANFURLEY, F. —Dungannon Hon. P. Knox Northumberland, D. Launceston, B Mr. J. Brogden Sir J. Malcolm Newport,Corn. A Sir H. Hardinge Wad, Lord King's Lynn.... Pembroke, E. of Wilton, B Mr. J. Dawkins Mr. J. Penruddoeke Primate of Ireland. Armagh Portarlington, E... Portarlington. Sir W. Rae PoRTLA ND, D. of. King's Lynn Lord G. Bentinck Powis, Earl of .... Bishop's Cast. A Mr. E. Rogers Mr. J. Knight Ludlow ...Viscount Clive Hon. R. H. Clive Montgomery —Mr. H. Clive RADNOR, Earl of .Downton, B ....Mr. J. Brougham Mr. T. Creevey Salisbury Hon. D. Bouverie Rrcamoxn, D. of Chichester Lord A. Lennox

.Roden, Lord Dundalk Hon. J. H. Cradoek

Rutland, Duke of .11ramber, A Mr..1. Irving Cambridge Mar. of Graham Col. F. W. Trench Salisbury, M. of ..Hertford Sandwich, Earl of.Huntingdon,B Col. J. Peel Mr. F. Pollock SEAFORD, Lord —Seaford, A Shaftesbury, E. of. Dorchester, B Lord Ashley Sidney. Viscount.. Whitchurch, A Hon.H.Townshend Somers, Earl Reigate, B Capt. J. Yorke St. Germain's, E...Liskeard, B Sir H. Pringle Lord Eliot St. Germain's Mr. C. Ross Mr. W. M. Freed

TITANET, Earl of .Appleby, A Mr. H. Tufton

Verutam, Earl ....St. Alban's Warwick, Earl of . Warwick 'aterford, M. of . Berwick Capt. Beresford Wst;Ta[itysTER,M.Chester Gen. It. Grosvenor Shaftesbury, B Mr. L. Maberly Mr. E. Penrhyn Hindon, A Mr. J. Weyland Stockbridge, A Mr. W. S. Stanley Mr. G. Wilbraham Westmoreland, E.. Lyme Regis, B Mr. H. S. Fane Mr. J. T. Fane Wharnell fe, Lord.Bossiney, A Hon. J. S. Wortley TAABOROUGH,Ld.Newtown, A Mr.C. A.W. Pelham