19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 2

A very important pamphlet, entitled Householders in Danger from the

Populace,* is just published by Mr. E. G. WAKEFIELD ; whose former detention in Newgate has given him one advantage at least, which may console both him and the public for. his mis- fortune—it introduced a shrewd philosopher into the citadel of crime, and he has made the very best use of his opportunities. The pamphlet lays down, in the most perspicuous manner, that the householders of this metropolis are at the mercy of any event which may give a few hours of preponderance to a numerous body who are lying in wait for such an occurrence. Mr. WAKEFIELD has the means of calculating, that there are about 90,000 indivi- duals, whom he divides into three classes-1. Thieves, 2. Rabble, 3. Desperadoes—who are prepared to take advantage of any temporary moment of anarchy, and who are now holding them- selves in readiness to sack the town. One small but efficient por- tion of the band of thieves, reprobates, wanderers, beggars, and others who constantly associate with them, are the most degraded, class of women of the town ' • who are dangerous from their con- nexion with the soldiery, and will be used for the purpose of neu- tralizing a force which, for other reasons, is little to be depended upon. Besides the Thieves, are two great sects, but slightly removed from them in aim — the Huntites and Owenites ; concerning whose projects, as far as they second the designs of the Thieves,. much information is to he found in this curious pamphlet. The remedy proposed is the universal arming of Householders ; to which ought to be added, some sort of Street or Parish Coalition. The fact is, that another rejection of the Bill would be a Thieves Millennium.

I, E. Wilson, Royal Exchange. Price 65.