19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 21


meeting for the season, at the London Coffeehouse, Ludgate Hill, on Thursday evening, and was well attended. We noticed parti- cularly the productions of two young artists of great talent, whose names are only now becoming known. The one, Mr. PICKERING, is an tWve of the French Academy ; and his style, which is bold, partakes of the pe- culiar defects as well as excellencies of that school. His studies of the figure are as admirable for vigour of drawing and knowledge of form, as those of Mr. Wool) are for beauty of colour; wnich Mr. PICKERING would do well to emulate. The other, Mr. HoI.sT, displays a wild, Ger- man imagination, his designs reminding us of FuSELI and RETSCH. This is dangerous ground even for a powerful and original genius, and to an imitator it is worse : we would counsel this young artist to avoid it. The merely powerful and horrible is inferior to the graceful and beautiful, and the latter more generally pleases, and is more lasting. The display of works of art consisted besides of paintings and sketches by Sir MAR- TIN SHEE, P.R.A., Messrs. ROTHWELL, FRASER, CATTERMOLE, WITHER. INGTON, A.R.A., UWINS, WOOD, LANCE, GILL, CROUCH, HOLLAND, &C.; busts of Lord Augustus Fitzclarence, by SHARP, of Sir Francis Burdett, by BEHNES, and one of a pretty little girl, by BURLOWE ; a brilliant and faithful copy, in water colours, of WILKIE'S Chelsea Pensioners, by Mr. DENNING; various new engravings, which have been before noticed, and a choice selection of lithographic drawings, by Messrs. HARDING, Lois, &c., many of which were new to the visitors.