19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 5

• Swaara.—The Captain still walks his rounds. On Wednesday last

week, farming property of the value of 3001. was burnt at Ilubbert's Bridge, near Boston. On the same day, above 100 quartets of corn were burnt near Daybrooke; and on Monday last week, five stacks of barley, the produce of 20 acres, were burnt near Baybam in the same vici- nity. On Saturday, an oat mow, containing 40 quarters, was burnt near Bath. On Monday, the whole barns, stacks, and farming-stock at Tittlesball, Norfolk, were destroyed. Old Mr. Coke has offered a re- ward of 2001. for the apprehension of the incendiary, but Swing is not to be had. The spirit of burning seems to pervade every county in Eng- land. Near Beverly, in Yorkshire, a stack of barley was burnt on Friday. On Saturday, a similar act of wickedness was perpetrated at Cheam, in Surry. On Tuesday, damage was inflicted on a farmer near Sandwich, by similar means, to the amount of 30001. or 49001. Some alarm has been felt for tl:e safety of Jlarewoud House; but the Swing who threatens the noble Earl with his vengeance is a more theoretical gentleman than his brother who goes abroad firing barns and cottages, the peaceful appendages to agricultural industry. We trust the Earl's fears will prove in vain. Warwick Castle also trembles, but we believe with as little reason as JIarewood House. The soldiers who wera pro- ceeding to guard the latter, one of the provincial journals informs us, were highly pleased with the Birmingham address, some copies of which had fallen into their hands. Respecting the real " Swing," a meeting has been held in Norfolk and every means deemed likely to repress his ravages have been resolved on.

FIRE.—On Friday last week, a fire broke out on the premises of Messrs. Do:nett, the biscuit-bakers, at Limehouse. It looked very formi- dable and awful, but was soon extinguished by the firemen. " What is very remarkable and astonishing," says the Times, " is, a destructive fire occurred on the same spot in the month of November 1814, and on the same day of the month, and, as near as can be ascertained, about the same time in the evening, which consumed five houses on the left and three others on the right of Messrs. Domett and Co.'s premises, which escaped with but little or no injury, owing to strong party-walls. The reflection of the former fire, and the latter, were seen for many miles distant. At present the origin of the fire is supposed to have been purely accidental." FIRE IN COW CROSS STREET.—AI the Coroner's inquest, it appeared that the death of some of the sufferers is to be ascribed to their intoxi- cation. The young man Williams, who exerted himself very creditably to save the other lodgers of the house, stated that they could not be in- duced to follow his directions. A subscription has been set on foot for the benefit of the surviving sufferers. Williams, on being offered a small sum as a reward for his conduct, refused to accept it, although he had lost every thing by the fire ; at the same time expressing a hope that the Coroner would add it to the subscription for the benefit of his fellow- survivors, who were more in want of it titan himself, as he had good relations who would provide for him. PARENTAL CAHELESSNESS,—Thirteen children have been admitted into St. Bartholomew's and St. Thomas's Hospitals within these last six weeks, who have died in consequence of severe burns ; and, in every case, it has appeared in evidence before the Coroner, that the burning was occasioned by the gross negligence of their parents.

EXPLOSION.—011 Thursday last, an explosion took place at the Proof- house, Birmingham. The proof-master was ramming some cartridge into a gun-barrel, when it suddenly exploded, and communicated with a pan of gunpowder which stood near. Two men in the room were seri- ously injured, but the proof-master escaped with some slight burns. The explosion is supposed to have been occasioned by the insertion of a per- cussion-cap in the gun-barrel.

Exmostox to: A COAL-MINE.—Twenty-one lives were lost by the ex- plosion of a coal-mine at Whitehaven, on Saturday last.