19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 5

Com:mina:nos: wrrn PARIS.—The Paris letters state, that a daily estafette

to this country is about to be established immediately. This has long been wanted by the merchants. THE Dcaz OF WELLINGTON.—ILS Grace visited Dover last week. He was exceedingly well received, though fears had been entertained of a contrary disposition in the inhabitants. His Grace is at present doing the honours of Weimer Castle to time Duchess de Dino.

LORD DuRIIAM.—During the absence of Lord Durham on the Conti- nent, the Privy Seal is, by command of the King, in the custody of Earl Grey. THE DAYS OF REF01131.—The Lord Chancellor has presented the Rev. Edward James Phipps, BA., of Exeter College, Oxford, and first son of T. H. H. Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House, in the county of Wilts, to the very valuable rectory of St. John, in Devizes. This is the first time this preferment has been given without the influence of the close borough of Devizes. FOR3I OF THE 31 EA sunE.—There will, it is said, lie three bills of Re- form. As a simplification, this may be desirable : it may save time— for while the Lords are discussing the first Bill, the Commons can pro- ceed with the second. Of course, Schedules A and B will be the first. On these hang both the doctrine and practice of Reform. OXFORD PROFESSOR OF POETRY.—The Vice-Chancellor has fixed Thursday the 8th of December for the election to this Professorship, which becomes vacant on the 5th of next month ; Mr. Milman having held it for ten years, the longest period allowed by the statute. Mr, Keble, Fellow of Oriel, is the only candidate hitherto announced. EPSO3t SALTS.—As a purgative, Dr. Daun strongly recommends that instead of cold saline medicines, rhubarb with some stimulating aromatic should be used. Salts are great predisposers to cholera.