19 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 8


IF any thing more were wanting to cover the London University proceedings, as regards their late Professor of Anatomy, with shame, the honourable contrast afforded by Philadelphia College supplies it. Mr. PATTISON resigned his lucrative position in America, seduced by the promises of the London Council ; and now, abandoned by it, ill-used, nay, outraged, she is not only will- ing to receive the truant back, but earnestly invites his return. This is as creditable to two parties as it is discreditable to the third. We shall only add, that Mr. PATTISON has our best wishes for a prosperous resumption of his labours in his adopted country, and trust that he will have received no permanent injury from his sojourn here.


" Philadelphia, 30th September 1831.

" DEAR SIR—By an unanimous resolution of the Trustees of Jefferson's College, to whom is by law committed the government of the Medical Faculty of the same, I have the pleasure to tender you the Professorship of Anatomy in the said College ; and in their behalf earnestly to solicit your acceptance of the proffered chair.

" Hoping soon to renew our acquaintance in America, I remain your

friend, (Signed) " EZRA STILES ELY, D.D.

" Secretary of the Trustees."

" Philadelphia, 1st October 1831.

" DEAR SIR—The gentlemen composing the Medical Faculty of Jeffer- son College, now in Philadelphia, intluenced by the high standing which your professional attainments and honourable conduct have obtained for i you in this country, during your residence in it some years past, unani- mously agreed in recommending your name to the Trustees for the Pro- fessorship of Anatomy in that School.

" The unanimous decision of the Trustees in your election to the Pro- fessorship, in compliance with their recommendation, gives the individual members of the faculty the most sincere pleasure ; and they cordially unite with the Board in earnestly soliciting your acceptance of the chair ; believing, as they do, that the addition of your name and talents will materially contribute to the future advancement and general welfare of the School.

" By order of the Faculty,

(Signed) " SAMUEL M. CLELLON, M.D., late Professor of Anatomy,

" Dean of the Med. Faculty."