19 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 1

The Duke of Aosta was elected King of Spain on

the 16th inst. When it came to the final vote the Moutpensierists receded, and the final vote showed 63 votes for the Republic, 27 for the Duc de Montpensier, 19 blank, i.e., clerical votes, 8 for Espartero, 1 for the Duchess de Montpensier, 2 for the Prince Alfonso, and 191 for the Italian candidate. This is really more than a two-thirds vote, as the followers of Montpensier and Evader° both alike recognize the principle of Monarchy, and the right of Parliament to elect the Monarch. They have, therefore, the election being once over, no moral ground of resistance. It is not probable that the Republicans will venture on an immediate outbreak, the Church has declared its neutrality, and King Amadeo I. may yet have a long reign. He is said to have much of the family ability, but to. yield a good deal to his wife, who is distinctly clerical. At first a slight swerve towards that party, which is still powerful in the country, will perhaps improve the King's position. He is expected to arrive in Spain as speedily as possible.