19 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 25

_Memorials of Charles Parry, Commander, R.N. By his brother, E.

Parry, D.D., Bishop Suffragan of Dover. (Strahan.)—The subject of this memoir was the son of the famous Arctic navigator, Sir Edward Parry. The noticeable thing in his life, though he seems to have been an officer of more than usual excellence, was his strong religions feeling. Soldiers and sailors are not less religious, we believe, than other men, but the expansive and demonstrative type of piety is rare among them; when it does occur, its characteristics are very strongly marked. So it seems to have been with Charles Parry. A social, genial temper seems to have smoothed a way which, under such circumstances, is often not very easy. There are some to whom a biography of this kind, with its expositions of feelings which they hold it to be a first necessity to keep secret, is always distasteful ; laht no complaint can be made of vulgarity or want of taste either in the good man of whose life this volume is the record, or in the biographer to whom an affectionate piety has suggested the task.