19 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 24

Geology and Revelation. By Gerald Molloy, D.D. (Longmans.)—This book derives

a peculiar interest from the same source from which it comes. Dr. Molloy is Professor of Theology at Maynooth. His line is frankly to accept the conclusions of geologists as to the antiquity of the earth, conclusions which he says can be reconciled with legitimate inter- pretations of the Book of Genesis. He quite makes out his case, that there has been great divergence of opinion on this point among teachers of undoubted orthodoxy, that it is not deft& to believe that the " day " of the cosmogony means a period of twenty-four hours. On the other hand, be would allow that all orthodox interpreters take the Mosaio account to represent in some way actual facts, while there are geologists. who maintain that it represents nothing of the kind, that we cannot trace in geological remains anything like the order of creation there set out. And Dr. Molloy is bound, as he says himself, to stick to at least one of the three chronologies of the human race which are to be found in Scripture. The longest of these does not give seven thousand years. Is there not a possible collision with Science hero? We should be sorry to be compelled to take up any such ground. Dr. Molloy's book does credit to his industry, candour, and good sense.