19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 1

The Parliamentary history of the crisis during the early part

of the week is as follows. On Friday week Mr. Asquith had an audience with the King at Sandringham for the first time since the break-up of the Conference.

In the course of Monday, however, Lord Knollys had a long interview with Mr. Asquith, and on Tuesday morning- it was reported that the statement was to be post- poned until the following day. At about twelve o'clock, after the Cabinet bad met, this report was officially con- firmed ; but in the House of Commons later in the day Mr. Lloyd George announced a further postponement of Mr. Asquith's statement until Thursday. Mr. Balfour thereupon pointed out that owing to his engagement at Nottingham, it would be impossible for him to be in the House on Thursday evening, and urged that the moat convenient day would be next Monday. It was agreed finally that Friday should be fixed upon, and the House adjourned until then.