19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 2

The St. Petersburg correspondent of the Times describes' in Wednesday's

paper the scheme for a railway from the Caucasus to Baluchistan. The promoters are well-known Russians, and they propose to form an international company and to seek the necessary concession from the Persian Government. It is pointed out, justly we think, that this route is the best "short cut" to India, and that Persia might be expected to profit greatly by the railway. The Persian section would be managed by the international company, and the sections within British and Russian terri- tory would be under purely British and Russian control. The railway, starting from Bakn, would skirt the Caspian Sea, and proceed by Resht, Teheran, and Kirman to the borders of Baluchistan and Nushki. The distance from London to Bombay would be five thousand seven hundred miles, and the whole journey would take not, more than seven days.- The present quickest journey by Brindisi to Bombay takes twelve and a half days, and the Baghdad Railway route would require a little under twelve days. We have no fears as to the danger of bringing India into touch with Russia, and most sincerely hope that the scheme will be carried out. It is rumoured that the Government of India would object, but we cannot believe that the alleged prejudice will prevail when once the subject is studied in all its bearings.