19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 25


tthider this heading we notice such Books of the week as have not ill* reserved for review in other forms.] Two Theban Princes. By Colin Campbell, D.D. (Oliver and Boyd. 3s. 6d. net.)—Dr. Campbell describes, with the help of photographs and drawings made by himself, the tombs of two- Princes, sons of Rameses III. (1198-1167 B.C.), who seem from their figures as represented to have died in youth. The inscriptions are largely occupied with the proceedings recorded in the " Book -.of the Dead." A-third and yet more interesting sepulchre is that 'of one Menne, who appears to have been an inspector of agricultural work to one of the earlier Kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty. (The name of Anion is commonly erased, so that we may suppose the tomb to be earlier than the reign of Amonhotep IV., or, at least, than his departure from the established religion.) The hieroglyphic text of the chief inscriptions is added. This little volume will be found useful by students of Egyptology.