19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 25

Tony's Luck. By C. A. Bray. (Hurst and Blackett. Gs.)—As

in so many novels of South African life, this book is much more interesting in those chapters where the scene is laid in South Africa than later on when the hero comes to England. The whole- romantic story of the legacy is excellent, and " Old Dick's " marvellous arrangements for leaving his very varied possessions to Anthony Cardew are all worth reading. The descriptions of the efforts of Anthony and his expert engineer to find the riches which they know are hidden on his estate are extremely well done, while the storm and the landslide are most dramatically described. But the quarrels of Tony with his smart wife and her irreconcilable attitude verge on the commonplace, and the book would really have been a better one had it ceased when Anthony Cardew broke down in health and voyaged to England.