19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 26

In the Land of the Lamas. By Edward Amundsen. (Marshall

Brothers. 3s. 6d. net.)—Mr. Amundsen makes his description of life in Tibet centre in " Trashilamo, a Tibetan Lassie." He has lived, we are told, in the country and is a master of the language. Nor is he less likely to tell the story well because he tells it from the missionary point of view. An introductory chapter gives us -some details of manners and customs, and then we have the life- story of the heroine, who is of the upper class, from her childhood cup to her death in middle age. The chief event in her life is her marriage : she is betrothed to a great man, and is on her way to be married, when she is carried off by robbers, escapes, and finds safety with some missionaries. Here she acquires the belief which supports her in after days. It is an interesting story with all the impress of truth on it.