19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 26

NEW EranoNe.—The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Translated by George

Long. (Chapman and Hall. 6s. net.)—One of the volumes published by the Verulam Club.—Obiter Dicta. By Augustine BirrelL (Duckworth and Co. 2s. 6d.)—A volume of the "Readers' Library."—The Ancient Celtic Church of Wales. By the Rev. D. Davies. (Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 2s. 6d. net.) —Mr. Davies's reply to his critics we shall :not deal with. We would, however, call his attention to a fact bearing on his state- ment that the Welsh Church is the "Church of the rich and few." This is the very large proportion which the Welsh element bears to the total of the Anglican clergy. The population of Wales is about one-twentieth of the aggregates of the two countries taken together. We should expect to find, therefore, that the clergy of Welsh origin would number about thirteen hundred. It would be nearer the mark to say two thousand. The middle class, from which they are drawn, is clearly not hostile to the Church.—In the series of "Cambridge English Classics" (Cambridge University Press, 4s. 6d. net) we have the second volume of The Complete Works of George Gascoigne, Edited by John W. Cunliffe, D.Lit., containing " The Glasse of Governement," "The Princely Pleasures at Kenelworth Castle," and various minor works.— Chats. Nagpore. By F. B. Bmdley-Birt. (Smith, Elder, and Co. 12s. 6c1. net.)—" Revised and enlarged."—Annals of the Parish. By John Galt. With Illustrations in Colour by Henry W. Kerr.