19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 28


Ainger (A. C.), Eton in Prose and Verse, 4to (Hodder & Stoughton) net 63/0 Allen (E. F.), Bed Letter Days of Samuel Pepys (Sidgwick & Jackson) net 3/6 Andreyer (L.), Anathema : a Tragedy in Seven Scenes ...(Macmillan) net 5/0 Atkinson (M. J.), A Château in Brittany, 8vo (S. Paul) net 10/6 Atton (H.) and Holland (H. H.), The King's Customs, 8vo (J Murray) net 10/6 Auvergne (E. B. D'), The Bride of Two Kings, 8vo ...... ..(Hutchinson) net 16/0 Belknap (B. B.), American House Building in Messina and Reim: io, 8vo (Putnam) net 7/6 Benson (B. H.), None Other Gods, er 8vo (Hutchinson) 6/0 Bishop (W. S.), The Development of Trinitarian Doctrine in the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds, cr 8vo (Longinus) net 3/6 Blackie (J. S.), Notes of a Life, cr 8vo (W. Blackwood) net 6/0 Book of Love (The), 4to (Jack) net 6/0

Book of Old Carols (A), Vol. I. roy 8vo (tlnwin net 2/6

Broomhall (M.), Islam in China, 8vo (Morgan k Scott net 7/6 Brown (D. W.), The Commercial Power of Congress, cr 8vo (Putnam net 7/6 Burns (E. E.), The Story of Great Inventions, cr 8vo (Harper) 5/0 Caftyn (Mrs. M.), Dorinda and her Daughter, cr 8vo ... (Hurst & Blaekett) 6/0 Cambridge Modern History (The), Vol. XIL, 8vo (Camb. Univ. Press) net 16/0 Carrier (E. H.), The Meadow Beyond, cr 8vo (C. Kelly) 6/0 Champneys (A. C.). Irish Ecclesiastical Architecture, roy 8vo (Bell) net 31/6 Christian (F. W.), Eastern Pacific Lands, roy 8vo (B. Scott) net 7/6 Connolly (J.), Labour in Irish History, 12mo (Mannsel) net 2;6 Cromartie (Countess), cr 8vo (E. Mathews) net 3/6 Crommelin (M..), Madam Mystery, cr 8vo (Hutchinson) 6/0 Davis (W. S.), The Influence of Wealth in Imperial Rome (Macmillan) net 8/6 Doane (R. W.), Insects and Disease, cr 8vo (Constable) net 8/0 Dobell (Mrs. H.), Poetical Works, cr 8vo (Smith & Elder) net 10/6 Edwards (D. M.), The Toll of the Arctic Seas, 8vo...(Chapman & Hall) net 10/6

Elliott (W. A.), Gold from the Quartz, 4to (Simpkiu) net 2/6 English (D.), A Book of NimbleL'st.- s, roy 16mo (Nash) net 6/0

Fawthorpe. W.), In Lands of Art and Holy Writ, cr 8vo ...(C Kelly) net 3/6

Fleet (H. Admiral's Yarns, 8v (Sonnenschein) net 5/0 Foley (E.), Book of Decorative Furniture, Vol. I., 4to (Jack) net 25/0

Forbes (Lady A.), The Broken Commandment, cr 8vo (Nash) 6/0 Fraser (D.), Persia and Turkey in Revolt, 8vo (W. Blackwood) net 12/6 Gallienne (B. Le), October Vagabonds, cr 8vo (Lane) net 5/0 Girvin (B.), Pam and Billy, cr 8vo (G. Allen) 3/6 Grace Book A, 1542-1589, 8vo (Comb. Univ. Press) net 21/0 Graham (E. M.), The Oliphants of Gask, 8vo (Nisbet) net 21/0 Griffinhoofe (C. G.), Celebrated Cambridge Hen, A.D. 1390-1908 (Nisbet) net 3/6 Guyot (Y.), Economic Prejudices, cr 8vo (Sonnenschein) 2/6 Habershon (A. R.), The Study of the Miracles, 8vo (Morgan & Scott) 6/0 Harnack (A.), The Constitution and Law of the'Chureh in the First Two Centuries, Cr 8vo (Williams & Norgate) net 5/0

Restock (F. W.), Cyzions, 8vo (Camb. Univ. Press) net 10/0

Hazen (C. D.), Europe since 1815, 8vo (Bell) net 15/0 Hoare (K. L.), The Art of Tatting, 4to (Longmans) net 21/0 Robley (C. W.), Ethnology of A-Kamba and other East African Tribes, 8vo (Camb. Univ. Press) net 7/6 Hoover (B. R.), Opal, cr 8vo (Harper) 6/0 Ilchester (Earl), The Spanish Journal of Elizabeth, Lady Holland, 8vo (Longmans) net 15/0 Jerrold (C.), The Beaux and the Dandies, 8vo (S. Paul) net 16/0 Jerrold (L.), The Real France, cr 8vo (Lane) net 5/0 Keary (C. F.), The Pursuit of Reason. Svo (Camb. Univ. Press) net 9/0 Kennedy (J. M.), The Religions and Philosophies of the East, cr 8vo (T. W. Laurie) net CVO Kennedy (R.), Steam Turbines : their Design and Construction, 8vo (Whittaker) net 4/6 Knocker (F. W.), How to Read Rubber Investments (De La More Press) net 2/6 Lacey (T. A.), A Roman Diary, and other Documents Relating to the Papal Inquiry into English Ordinations, 1896, 8vo (Longmans) net 12/0

Lacombe B. de), Talleyrand the Van, Svo (Herbert & Daniel) net 15/0

Lamont (L. M.), A Corona', 12mo (Seeker) net 2/6

Langridge (A. K.) and Paton (F. H.), John G. Paton, Later Years and

Farewell, cr Svo (Hodder & Stoughton) 3/6 Life of the Black Prince, by the Herald of Sir John Chandos, 4to (Clarendon Press) net 25/0 Mack (L.), The Romance of a Woman of Thirty, cr 8vo (Alston Rivers) 6/0 Mahan (A. T.), The Interest of America in International Conditions, cr 8vo (Low) net 7/6 Matheson (A. S.), The City of Man, cr 8vo (Unwin) net 3/6 Middlemass (J.), At the Altar Steps, cr 8vo (Digby & Long) 6/0 Milk White Thorn (The), 8vo (Nelson) 2/6 Miller (T. E.), Portraits of Women of the Bible : Old Testament (Allenson) 3/6 Modern Scottish Painters, 4to • (0. Schulze) net 42/0 Morgan (G. E.), Old World Stories Retold for To-day (Morgan & Scott) 3/6 Mothersole (J.)), The Isles of Scilly, 4to (B.T.S.) net 10/6 Neilson (R. M.), Aeroplane Patents, 8vo (Constable) net 4/6 Noble (E.), Chains, cr 8vo (Constable) 6/0 Open Letter to English Gentlemen, 12mo (Williams & Norgate) net 2/6 Oxford Book of Ballads (The), cr 8vo (Clarendon Press) net 6/0 Picture Song Book (A), 4to - (Smith & Elder) net 21/0 Pierson (A. T.), Knowing the Scriptures, cr 8vo (Nisbet) 5/0 Platte (W. C.), The Million-Heiress and John, cr 8vo (Digby & Long) 3/6 Poetry of Empire, 8vo (Jack) net 7/6 Poulain (R P A.), The Graces of Interior Prayer, 8vo (K. Paul) net 10/6 Putnam (E. J.), The Lady, cr 8vo (Putnam) net 10/6 Reinheimer (H.), Survival and Reproduction, 8vo (Watkins) net 7/6 Richardson (N.), The Lend of Honour, cr Svo (I. Pitman) 6/0 Ridgway (E.), The Garden of Content, 12mo (J. E. Cornish) net 2/6 Rodolphe Christen, by his Wife, 8vo (Longmans) net 21/0

Schaff (M.), The Battle of the Wilderness, 8vo (Constable) net 8/6 Schelling (F. E.), English Literature during the Lifetime of Shakespeare 8vo aes-c7A 10d

Shadow on the Purple (The), recorded by a Peeress, cr 8vo (Lynwood) 6/0 Shoemaker (11. M.), Islam Lands : Nubia, the Sudan, &c., Svo (Putnam) net 7/6 Sichel (W.), The Glenbervie Journals, 8vo (Constable) net 10/6 Sidgwick (A.), The Application of Logic, cr Svo - (Macmillan) net 5/0 Soliloquies of St. Augustine (The), translated by R. E. Cleveland, Cr 8vo (Williams & Norgate) net 6/0 Steiner (B.), Theosophy, cr Svo (K. Paul) net 3/6 Stocker (R. D.), Social Idealism, cr 8vo (Williams & Norgate) net 3/0 Sturrock (J. B.), Looking Back, cr 8vo (A. Gardner) net 2/6 Van Rensselaer (Mrs. S.), Poems, cr 8vo (Macmillan) net 5/0 Vaughan (T.), Lumen de Lumine, cr 8vo (Watkins) net 5/0 Veldsinger's Verse, 12mo (Dent) net 2/6 Watkins (0. S.), Ahmed,of the Camels, and other Stories (J. W. Butcher) 2/6 Workman (W. H. & F. B.), The Call of the Snowy Hispar (Constable) net 21/0 Wright (C. W.), Wool Growing and the Tariff, 8vo (Constable) net 8/6 Young (D. T.), Richard Roberta : a Memoir, cr 8vo (C. Kelly) net 2/6 Young (N.), The growth of Napoleon, 8vo (J. Murray) net 12/0