19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 3

It was officially announced on Saturday last that Mr. D.

I. Shackleton, M.P., had been offered and accepted the post of Senior Labour Adviser at the Home Office. The official communiqué accompanying the announcement states that, in view of the increasing complexity and ever-widening range of the industrial problems with which the Home Office is called on to deal, it was found desirable that the Department should possess special means for ascertaining and focussing the feelings of Trade-Unions and workers generally on administra- tive and legislative questions which affect their interests. Mr. Shackleton will be connected with the Factory Depart- ment; the other Labour Adviser, who will be appointed later on, and will also be a Trade-Unionist, with mining work. Mr. Shackleton, who has sat for the Clitheroe Division since 1902, and now vacates his seat to take up his new appointment, has always exerted a moderating and restraining influence on the counsels of the Labour Party, and no better choice could have been made from the ranks of Trade-Unionists.