19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 3

On Wednesday two divisions of the United States Atlantic Fleet

arrived in England, the First Division at Portland and the Third Division at Gravesend. It had been the intention of the Fleet to go first to the Mediterranean, but cholera in some of the ports prevented this. The visit to England is not official. It is part of the policy of the United States Navy to make long voyages for the purpose of perfecting the cohesion of the Fleet. The voyage from the Atlantic to Australia and the Pacific, which triumphantly upset all the prophecies of woe, will be remembered. The appearance of the ships and men at Portland and Gravesend made an excellent impression on experienced and critical eyes. It is not the wish of the American officers that the crews should be feted too much, but we hope that in spite of that they will understand how truly glad all Englishmen are to welcome them.