19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 3

We are glad to note that the deputation from the

British Anti-Slavery Society which has gone to Portugal in con- nexion with the treatment of the natives in San Thome and Principe has been cordially received by the Pro- visional Government and entertained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and has received assurances which, if they are translated from words into deeds, should go far to produce a happy solution of the problem. In this context we may also note that Messrs. Cadbury have been informed by the Colonial Minister that it is proposed to guarantee the liberty of natives working in San Thome by means of " a liberal revision of the regulations in force." Officials of the new Government are on their way to the islands, but Messrs. Cadbury have very properly informed the Portuguese Government that they do not see their way to purchase cocoa from these islands until they are assured by the British Consular staff that the labourers employed there are in the fullest sense free contract labourers.