19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 57

Stories from Dante. By Sarah Cunnington. (George Harrap and Co.

bs. net.)—It will be readily understood that " stories from Dante" are not of the same class of literature as stories from the classical poets and others. They are necessarily

historical. First we have an account of Dante and of Florence with reference to him, and next of Beatrice. The poem itself is then dealt with. Dante's point of view is stated, and this is followed by an account of the guide Virgil. After this the various dwellers in the Inferno are made to pass before us, Frederic II., Count Ugolino, and Guido Cavalanti among them. The same course is pursued with the Pargatorio and the Paradise. Some of the dwellers in this last present a certain difficulty; we should hardly expect to find Constantine and Justinian in the highest place. Miss Cunnington deals judiciously with the matter, for she is faithful to history.