19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 58

By Summer Seas and Flowery Fields. By T. Carreras. (S.

W. Partridge and Co. 2s. 6d.)-This is a book about natural objects to be seen and, under the author's guidance, to bo studied on the seashore, in the lanes and the fields. All this is abundantly illustrated. Mr. Carreras has before done good service to young readers who prefer "eyes" to "no eyes," and we welcome this new volume from him.-Stars, by Ellison Hawke, is a volume of the "Shown to the Children" Series (T. C. and E. C. Jack, 2s. 6d. net). We see the sun, with its spot, the moon, the planets, comets, some of the chief constellations, and other wonders of the heavens. The illustrations are of excellent quality.