19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 59

always welcome. Her children are bright, attractive little people, and

other children like to hear about them. In this book she does not attempt to break new ground. The healing of a breach between father and daughter through the agency of the latter's small son has been dwelt on before. But is a theme that always appeals to the audience for whom it is intended, and Miss Everett- Green knows how to treat it freshly and pleasantly.—Ths

Changeable Twins. By Arthur Wyatt. (Same publishers. ls. exl.) —Wilfrid and Daisy Bennison are a pair of twins who, as the title suggests, are very alike, and get a good deal of amusement out of

trading on the fact. But when as the involuntary result of one of these changes of identity they go away to stay, Daisy in the capacity of Wilfrid, and Wilfrid of Daisy, the situation becomes rather more than they bargained for. However, it makes an amusing and very readable little book ; and Wilfrid's horror when Daisy confesses that she has imperilled his reputation by kissing a lady is delightful.