19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 60

Messrs. James Clarke and Co. send us The Rosebud Annual

(3s. and 4s.), an old favourite which is as attractive as ever. It has chiefly to do with the qualities and humours of animals, showing them clever, affectionate, or funny. The letterpress is good, the verse being above the average in merit, and the illustrations excellent. Mr. Louis Wain sets the pace, so to speak, with a capital picture of Pussy,' who has built a house of toy-bricks for `mr. Mousey,' and various draughtsmen do very well in keeping it up.—From the same publishers we have The Merry Animal Picture Book (is.) Here Mr. Wain is in great force, and has able colleagues in Mr. H. B. Neilson—` Reynard' in the stocks is very good—and others.—Little Red Riding Hood and A B C belong to "Dean's Real Life Series " (Dean and Son, ls. each), and will please the little ones, as will A Toy Party, by J. Bodger, Illustrated by Dora Barks (Chatto and Windus, is. net).