19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 60

Sunday Reading for the Young. (Wells Gardner, Darton, and Co.

3s.)—This is an excellent magazine, well written, well illus- trated; in brief, fulfilling as well as could be done the purpose indicated by the title. If the boys and girls of fifty years ago had had such books they would have been happier and better.— Chatterbox (same publishers, 3s.), intended for the same readers, has had, if we remember rightly, a fairly long life already, and shows no signs of decadence. Mr. Masefield contributes a "tale of adventure for boys," and Mr. Pycraft has a series of papers on an inexhaustible subject in " Animal Oddities."—In The Price (same publishers, ls. 6d., 2s., 2s. 6d.) we have a monthly magazine with particularly good illustrations.—With these may be mentioned a volume for yet younger readers, Leading Strings (same publishers, ls. 6d., 2s. 61)