19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 60

The Fortunes of Not. By K. F. Purdon. (T. Nelson

and Sons. 2s. O&)—There is no doubt that the writer of this pleasant dog- story loves his—or should it be her ?—subject. `Plot' is an Irish terrier of sorts, who by intelligence and devotion makes up for his Ilek of pedigree. His adventures are many and thrilling, and the reader, especially if a dog-lover, will be thankful that they are not such as fall to the lot of the ordinary dog. But then his luck is not less extraordinary. To be on three separate occasions restored to his rightful owner after months of hardship and wandering is, alas ! anything but usual. Plot' tells his own story, and the opening chapters have a particular value in the light they throw on the life of children's "pets." We would recommend them to any who contemplate the presentation of a puppy or kitten to their small people.