19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 60

The Girl's Own Annual. (R.T.S. 8s.)—It is perhaps the simi-

larity of title that causes one to feel such amazement at the difference of fare provided. Are girls really so different from boys, or does the explanation lie in the "and Woman's Magazine " which we see is the sub-title when published serially ? Certainly, for ourselves, we think that a schoolgirl would be better employed, and we imagine better pleased, reading the volume meant for boys. But whatever the public in view, a higher literary standard in the stories might be attempted. We have nothing but praise, how- ever, for the articles on needlework. Especially in the higher branches of this craft, the ordinary English girl is far behind her Continental and American contemporaries. Here she can find described, and admirably :illustrated, various kinds of really beautiful embroidery; and will, we feel sure, be inspired to try her hand.