19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 61


International Council of Women : Quinquennial Meeting. (Constable and Co. 2s. 6d.)—The quinquennial meeting was held last year at Toronto. Hero we have a Report of its transactions, together with the Reports of National Councils and International Standing Committees for 1908-9. There is much that is worthy of note in all these documents. We find, however, that the National Councils' Reports are especially interesting. Sweden seems far advanced. We find that the woman party there objects to the protective laws which limit the field of female work, as by prohibiting employment by night in certain trades. "The propa- ganda for Women's Franchise is carried on with immense energy?' In Great Britain we find that the leaders welcome to their Council, and have sitting in their Executive Committee, some who " have not yet advanced so far as to demand Women's Suffrage." In Denmark "the demand for political suffrage for women is growing." In tho Netherlands we find a " Society for Rational Dress " ; its history will be interesting. In Australia "full adult suffrage " prevails, and the women have only to ask for what they want. In France two advanced societies have broken off from the main body. The municipal, but not the political, vote appears among the objects sought. In the Argentine Report we read of a protest against the anti-hygienic practice of kissing children; in the Austrian this passage occurs :—" With great satisfaction we mention that our women Socialists take up Women's Suffrage with great energy. They don't want to join in this matter with women of the middle class." In Hungary there is " no demand for suffrage with the majority of women."