19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 61


Rambles in Surrey. By J. Charles Cox, LL.D. (Methuen and Co. 6s.)—Dr. Cox is an acknowledged authority on ecclesiastical history and church architecture, and has contributed some admirable work to the " Victoria County History " of Surrey. We should expect, therefore, to find much interesting informa- tion in his "Rambles" in regard to Surrey churches and buildings, and we are not disappointed. He has also a good idea of how to take a country walk, and what to point out to those who go with him. He claims, however, that his book has the advantage over his predecessors in works on Surrey that it covers " the whole ground." This claim is not quite justified when we find no more than twenty-odd lines allotted to Epsom, and fourteen parishes south-east of Esher polished off in eight pages. At certain places, again, such as Esher and Chertsey, ho seems to borrow from other books rather than to give the results of his personal study. However, the book as a whole will interest Surrey residents, and especially those whose hobbies are those of Dr. Cox.