19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 62


A Modern Humanist: the Miscellaneous Papers of Kirkman Gray. Edited, with Biographical Introduction, by H. B. Binns. (A. C. Fifield. 5s. net.)-The sketch which Mr. Binns gives us of Mr. Gray's life and work is interesting. The man started from orthodoxy and moved to Unitarianism and beyond it : his study of social conditions led him to Socialism. These movements are very common : it is useless to ignore them. Only by trying to understand them can we hope to find the more excellent way. No reader who has pursued the man's career will fail to go on to the characteristic examples of his thought which follow. These are eighteen in number, and deal with a great variety of topics : we find ourselves often differing from the author's opinion, but we recognise his single-minded desire to get at the truth.