19 NOVEMBER 1910, Page 62


Practical Home Sewing and Dressmaking. By Isabella Short. (Blackie and Son. 3s. net.)-This is a useful little book, clearly written, and full of good diagrams. The first part deals with stitches of various kinds, gussets, openings, and fastenings ; then come directions for patching and darning and the care of household linen. The more difficult work of dressmaking, in all its branches, is next described. Miss Short has herself invented an ingenious system of cutting out paper patterns. We have not space enough to describe this process, but it seems to us that if the directions are followed with careful accuracy, an excellent result will be obtained, even by an inexperienced person. There are some useful notes on renovating clothes, and the book is com- pleted by a list of "standard materials with width and price."