19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 1

" If Ulster," declares the writer, " becomes a province

in the Dominion of Ireland it would have no more political con- nexion with Westminster than the province of Quebec has to-day." • lie concludes with the, following warning :— " That is the position of Ulster, and if the people of Britain believe that, by trying to enforce such a settlement, they will get peace, they are living in a fool's paradise. The-Government will find that if they cannot get peace by courage, they will just as little get it by cowardice. Ulster will fight to the last gasp against such a settlement, and in the last resource the people of Britain are brought face to face with this dilemma— either they must fight the Sinn. Feiners, who have been and are rebels, and fought against us in the darkest days of our history, or they must fight the people of Ulster, who were with us in that struggle and have always been ready to sacrifice themselves for the interests of the Empire. This is the real issue, and when the people of Great Britain understand that all the rumours in tho London Press directed to lay the whole blame upon. Ulster are false, there can assuredly be little doubt what the -decision of Great Britain will be."