19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 2

Large meetings of Ulster loyalists were held in Belfast on

Wednesday evening. At each meeting a telegram from Sir James Craig, who is in London. was read. " May I ask you," ho said, a simple though momentous question ? Will you support my colleagues and myself in every step we consider necessary to retain our- freedom from Sinn Fein domination while we strive to maintain an honourable peace ? " He added that in his opinion the honour, the prestige, and it might be the whole future of the Empire was at. stake. The answer to these questions was in every case an enthusiastic "Yes." Letters were read from moveral of the Ministers of the Northern Govern- ment. Mr. Pallock,, the. Minister of Finance, said that those who had kept in .close touch with events had clearly foreseen the crisis towards which '' the ineptitude and weakness of British statesmanship " were inevitably leading. It was neces- sary again for the voice of Ulster loyalists " to ring out clear and true." He ended with Mr. Kipling's words : " We perish if we yield." . „